Transfer Job Balances

When an employee job is terminated, but the contract still has a remaining balance (either owed to the employee or owed to the district), the Job Balance Transfer module allows the user to transfer that contract amount to another position/contract as long as it is a salary job and the job record is set to Primary = YES for the new job.

Example: Teacher 1 - Owes $1000 from their previous job. Teacher 1 - Transfers to a new Job. They still owe $1000. Focus transfers that to their new job so it can be deducted hypothetically $100 a month. Instead of the lump sum of $1000.

Employee Set Up

Prior to tranferring job balances, the following steps must take place:

1. From the Human Resources menu, click Employee.


2. Search for and select the applicable employee.


3. Click the Jobs tab.


4. Enter applicable Ending date in the provided text box and select the Term Code "TR" from the pull-down.


5. Click Details for the applicable job.


6. View Contract Remaining total.


7. Add the new position starting with the Group.


8. Ensure the new job is the primary position: The Primary Position radio button must be selected and "Yes" must be selected from the Primary Job pull-down.

Transfer Job Balances

1. From the Payroll menu, click Transfer Job Balances.

Transfer Job Balances

All applicable employees display in the Available Jobs To Transfer section.


Job transfers available are limited to the current fiscal year.

2. Click Explain to view details pertaining to the employee's balances, such as Contract amount earned, the employee's Starting and Ending date in previous position, the number of Days worked, Daily Rate, and the amount Earned. The Explain pop-up also displays the amount paid per pay run including the Total Paid. The Balance owed on contract is located at the bottom.

Notification Center

3. Click Transfer to transfer the job balance for the applicable employee.

a. From the pop-up window, select the Job - Position for which the balance should be transferred from the pull-down. The transfer automatically sets to the last posted regular payroll run.


b. Click Transfer.

Once transfered, the employee displays in the Already Transferred section, which contains the following information: Employee name and ID, Transferred dollar amount, From Job (Group), To Job (Group), On run number, By applicable user, on the Transfer Date.

[FOCUS-29601] Transfer Job Balances | Check fyear - JIRA

4. Click the Jobs not included pull-down to view inactive employees who balances cannot be transferred and the reason, such as No target jobs available meaning the transferred job hasn't been assigned to the employee or the transferred job hasn't been set as the primary position. See Employee Set Up for more information on fixing issues for jobs not included.

Transfer Job Balances