Are there any fields on the ESE tab that should have a default set for “add a student”? What would the value be?

Alternative Assessment Administered: [Z] Students will take FSA/EOC.

Gifted Eligibility: [Z] Student was not determined eligible.

No, can cause confusion for students that are not ESE

Are there any fields on the ESE tab that should have a default set for “state fallback value”? What would the value be?

Additional School Year Student: [Z] Not Applicable.
Alternative Assessment Administered: [Z] Students will take FSA/EOC.
Gifted Eligibility: [Z] Student was not determined eligible.

What determines a student is an active ESE student?

Active Primary Exceptionality.
FEFP, IEP Plan Date, Primary Exceptionality.
Placement Status: Active.

Which placement codes are transmitted for surveys 1-2-3-4?

*T-Temporarily Placed, R-Referred and Pending Evaluation, P-Eligible and Placed, N-Eligible and not placed(?), E-Evaluated and Pending Eligibility (all these students are treated as ESE students)

Only Ps and Ts, the rest go for Survey 5

What is the difference between a district’s local matrix number and the Focus ESE FEFP number?

The Matrix Levels 1-5 are based on the Matrix Points 6-22+ for the student. The more points, the greater the ESE services needed. The Matrix Levels applies to all grade levels. Funding is the same for Matrix Levels 1-3. Grade levels are factored in when determining FEFP. For example, Matrix Levels 1-3 for Grades K-3 = FEFP Code 111, Matrix Levels 1-3 for Grades 4-8 = FEFP Code 112.

What are the three HSHB course numbers? How does Focus handle the FEFP for these course numbers when the extract is run?

Course Numbers - 7855020, 7755020, 7900030
Focus adds the 255 FEFP on the course code # when the extract is pulled.

Which exceptionality must be dismissed at the end of each school year?

M- Hospital/Homebound.

When is a student flagged with extended school year?

Determined for every student with a disability every year by the IEP team and parent.
At the time the IEP or 504 plan is written if it is determined the student will regress during school breaks and/or have difficulty recouping what was previously learned after a school break.

When does a student’s IEP plan date expire?

364 days after the last Plan Date (SD)
When the IEP team discontinues ESE eligibility (BF)
When the student graduates with a standard diploma or completes the extended transition period through the end of the school year the student turns 22.

What is the Florida rule for 504 vs IDEA services and reporting? How does Focus handle the conflict during the extract process?

If the student only needs accommodations, the student would receive a 504 Plan. A student with a 504 plan cannot receive related services or supplementary aids & services. If those are needed, and the student has an eligible disability, an IEP would be provided. THe student cannot receive both.
If an ESE student has a 504 plan for accommodations for say, a broken leg, then Focus probably has some logic written that places the  ESE eligibility as a priority and it ignores the 504 (BF)
If an ESE student is sent with a 504 flag, it will get sent back. Focus does not change the 504 data, but sends as a Z.

Can you review the Pre-id test accommodations, does this list cover all allowable ESE accommodations?

The list only covers accommodations allowed on state assessments. It does not address accommodations students may receive in the classroom that are not allowed on state assessments.

Which columns in the ESE logging field are reported to the state?

Exceptionality Primary Student_Log_Entries 890 Log_Field4 Where Log_Field = ‘Y’
Exceptionality Other Student_Log_Entries 890 Log_Field3 Where Log_Field3 is null or blank
Exceptional Student Placement Status Student_Log_Entries 890 Log_Field5
Exceptional Student Referral Reason Student_Log_Entries 890 Log_Field7
Date of Consent for Evaluation Student_Log_Entries 890 Log_Field8
Evaluation Completion Date Student_Log_Entries 890 Log_Field9
Exceptional Student Eligibility Determination Date Student_Log_Entries 890 Log_Field10
Exceptional Student Placement Date Student_Log_Entries 890 Log_Field11

Is total time weekly the sum of all class period minutes for the week?

No, on-campus time (includes lunch, class change, recess)
Used to calculate LRE

How should the FEFP and schedule be set-up for an intermittent HSHB student?

The school should not set the FEFP number as Focus adds the 255 when the extract is pulled. The student should be co-enrolled with the HHB school set as second school and with a schedule for each.