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Federal/State Demographic Data - FAQ's

What two grade levels for DOE key on for Immunization Status?

7th Grade

Should defaults (on extract or add a student) be set for the two CAPE district fields?

No because not everyone is part of an academy. If blank, the extract outputs 00.
CAPE (Career and Professional Education)
Appendix Y

Who can be flagged as immigrant? What two student fields should be looked at if this field is going to be programmatically set and unset for students?

The term immigrant children and youth means individuals who: (A) are ages 3 through 21;and (B) were not born in any State, the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico; and (C) have not been attending one or more schools in any one or more States for more than 3 full academic years, including born on military bases out of country.
DEUSS date and Country of Birth

Can a student be 504 and ESE? How does Focus handle this for state reporting?

No, a student cannot be reported for both 504 and ESE. If an ESE student has a 504, the 504 will be sent as a Z. It is possible for an ESE student to have a 504, for example, if an ESE student breaks an arm they would need a 504 put into place for writing accommodations (this accommodation would not be part of their IEP).

When should the Fed State fund source be set to D, I or E? Does Focus use one field for all three or separate fields? If the fields are separate how are they defined?

Focus uses three separate fields.
D: The program is supported, at least in part by Title I, Part D. This should be reported on the Dropout Prevention Data format. custom_20009054 log_field12
E: The supplemental services provided to to the student are supported by Title III, Part A, Language Instruction for LEP and Immigrant. This should be reported on the ELL Information format. custom_827
I: This program is supported by IDEA, Part B and used for early intervention. This should be reported on the Federal/State Indicator Status Format. custom_100000107

What is a medical complexity exemption? Does Focus look at this field in its pre-id process?
What field in the address catalog could help populate the federally connected student field?

Federal Property - yes/no question within Address Catalog

Which students need to be flagged with a zoned school and district?

The student is sent to an ESE Center and/or an Alternative Ed site.
This used to be only set for demographic format and edits 17, 5c, and 60, which deals with ESE Center and Alternative Education; this year DOE has added prior schools 2e, 2f, 2g, which related to the educational choice of A - open enrollment choice; we are making decisions in the next few days if we will continue to only use the one field for both purposes.
DOE has added Prior School edits (2E 2F 2G) for Zoned school and Zoned district fields while continuing with the Student Demographic edits (16, 17, 26, 5C and 60) and reporting for Zoned school and Zoned district. To cover both situations within Focus we have implemented the following:
Student fields will remain the same. custom_821 - Zoned District and custom_822 - Zoned School will remain in place and will be used for the student Demographic extract and edits related to Accountability ESE Center is Y or Primary Service Type is B (Alternative Education) on MSID and ESE students with Exceptionality code = M.
Student_Enrollment fields: The existing Zoned school field custom_15 along with new field Zoned district custom_19 (from 9/22 state reporting revision update, profile permissions will need to be adjusted to view the field) will be used to address Prior School edits 2E 2F 2G. The Focus Prior School extract will look at student_enrollment.custom_15 and student_enrollment.custom_19 if the Educational Choice field for the student is A. For districts that currently use the Zoned School on the enrollment record for other purposes you will be able to continue to do so. If A is not the educational choice, Focus will extract 00 for the zoned district and 0000 for the zoned school regardless of the data populated in the fields.

Why are there two DOP logging fields?

There are two of DOP logging fields for state reporting because you only report the reason/DOP, but in FASTER you can send multiple records.
DOP Programs (custom_20009054) is the state reportable logging field for reporting students in a DOP program.

Which students would have the neglected/delinquent fields populated? Why are there three fields?

Neglected - Florida law recognizes four types of child maltreatment: physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect.
Delinquent- DJJ Students
Institution Number, Neglected/Delinquent (First); Institution Number, Neglected/Delinquent (Second) and Institution Number, Neglected/Delinquent (Third)
The student could have been in 3 different institutions for at least 1 day during the 30-day count period.

What should be reported for the DEUSS for PK students?

This element is also required for Immigrant Students reported with a code of Y on the Federal/State Indicator Status format in Survey Periods 2, 3 or 5, unless Immigrant Student’s Grade Level = PK, then date should be reported as 00000000.