Attendance Scanner iDevice Application Setup

Setting Up the Attendance Scanner App

1. Before using the Attendance Scanner application, the iDevice must first be set up. Ensure that the App is installed on the device; to install the App, navigate to the App Store and search for Focus Attendance Scanner.

2. Depending on whether you have the App installed or not, click Get/Install, then click Open.

3. Once the App is installed, click the App to open it.

4. Click Options to begin setting up the App. Clicking Options will open the Settings screen, as shown in the second image.

5. When opening the App for the first time, you will be walked through setup. Select Set School URL and click Continue to open the front facing camera. Use the camera to scan a QR Code with the school’s Focus URL.

6. You may be prompted to login. Though any user may login, it is more beneficial for a user with an Administrator profile to login.

7. After the Focus URL is set, the App is ready to be used.