Take Attendance via Attendance Scanner App

When using the Focus Attendance Scanner App, the Take Attendance screen changes.

Take Attendance

1. Depending on system preferences set up by the district, all students may be recorded as absent until checked in. The district may also elect to have all students recorded as present by default until checking in. See the image shown below for the described system preferences.

2. Once students scan in, the Take Attendance screen updates showing that the student is marked present and records attended hours in the present column. The Check In box will turn green upon a student's hours registering.

If the system preference Require Attendance Scanner check out to receive hours is enabled, the Present column will reflect 00:00 until the student checks out.

3. You can click the Refresh button to update the Take Attendance screen to reflect any check ins or check outs since accessing the screen.

4. Regardless of whether or not students are signing in and out, you have the ability to continue taking attendance, which includes overriding recorded hours via the Attendance Scanner. Therefore, if students make mistakes checking in and out, you have the ability to fix the hours. For more information on taking attendance, see the article titled, Take Attendance.