Purpose of Multi-Tiered System of Support

*NOTE: Prior to using Interventions, use Focus Early Warning System.*


The Focus Multi-Tiered System of Support is a customizable feature to implement both a school-wide Early Warning System and a Response to Intervention (RtI) framework, as recommended by the Florida Department of Education.

Purpose of Interventions

Focus offers a number of features for reporting and tracking students who have progressed to more critical levels of support, as well as the intervention measures taken by the school staff.

Step-by-Step Guidance

1. From the Assessment menu, click on the Interventionsoption from the drop-down menu. This navigates to the search screen; for more information on searching for students, please reference the Searching for Student Information documentation.



2. The Interventions history displays in the Interventions submenu of a student’s record. 

 3. There are several options and visuals to organize and assess the Interventions data:


  • Interventions are customizable and listed on the left side
  • Click each concern to open an Interventions chart
  • Intervention charts display as line graphs or bar charts
  • Individual students can be compared to their peer group by class, grade, or school.
  • A vertical line marks past interventions
  • Set student’s goals and dates
  • Multiple, colored lines indicate various goal-related trends
  • Customize metrics of achievement, plot points, and create graphs to assess improvement in student performance.
    • Attendance:

    • Discipline:



    • Gradebook Grades: