Intervention Fields

Intervention Field

Purpose of Multi-Tiered System of Support

The Focus Multi-Tiered System of Support is a customizable, strategic plan. The Focus Multi-Tiered System of Support enables schools to adopt or maintain the PS/RtI model by providing tools to monitor and assist students who have been escalated into the top-two critical PS/RtI tiers

Tier 1: school at 80%

Tier 2: Response to Intevention (RtI)

Tier 3: ESE Referral


Purpose of Focus Interventions Function

The Interventions function will track and log interventions as they are taken on students. The Interventions function setup is customized by school administrators for teachers and staff to manually enter as they are needed. The Interventions function also generates charts of full-day absences and disciplinary infractions by code breakdowns. These functions are designed to assist schools with state reporting .

 Step-by-Step Guidance to Interventions Function

1. Initial Setup: From the Assessment menu, select the Intervention Fields pull-down menu tab.



2. Intervention Fields navigates you to a list of intervention levels, where “Tier 1” and “Tier 2” are already available by default. To add additional intervention fields to the defaulted PS/RtI setup, click the + button and title a new field.



3. Tiers include intervention options. Schools can edit or create new interventions by clicking the + button in either subcategory.




4. Intervention Fields can be created and modified using the options in the top of the screen.