Early Warning High School

Early Warning High School

With the Early Warning Systems, schools can identify and monitor students with potential problems with attendance, academics, and/or discipline. This report is allows administrators to preemptively review students who might escalate into the Response to Intervention (RtI) process.

1. From the Assessment menu, select the Early Warning Systems option from the pull-down menu that corresponds with the school level.


2. The Early Warning screens will display the RtI fields in drop-down menus. By default, Focus sets the GPA trigger to under 2.0 and absences in 10%. GPA will only appear for high schools.

Included in these fields is a Display drop-down menu, with “Both,” “Data,” and “Flags” as the available options for the Early Warning Report. Administrators can also specify select subgroups of the student population for review.



3. The “Data” option will display all of the data yielded in the results by the value.


 4. The “Flags” option replaces all the noncompliant values with a check icon, so administrators can easily scan over the report for students marked with a critical score.

5. Clicking on a flag will prompt a new pop-up window with a related SIS screen to provide more information.


6. The Early Warning screen also includes an option to run Advanced Reports, so that RtI data can be cross-searched by any other demographic in the SIS. This link prompts a search in a pop-up window. For assistance in searching for students in Focus, please reference the Searching for Student Information documentation. These parameters can also be saved in an Advanced Report, although the current data pulled from an Advanced Search will change to reflect the most up to date results.