Focus & Google Classroom

The Google Classroom integration allows teachers to create assignments in Focus, which will automatically be added to the Grades tab of the linked Google Classroom. From here, students can view assignment information, track upcoming assignments via Google Calendar and turn in assignments to their respective teachers. Teachers can grade the assignments and then return to Focus to sync the grades back into Focus with the click of a button.

Google Classroom for Teachers

Please download the Focus University training document "Google Classroom for Teachers" for information on how teachers can integrate Google Classroom and Focus.

Google Classroom Integration with the Focus Gradebook Video Lesson

This video is intended for teachers as a resource for setting up the Google Classroom integration in Focus, creating assignments in Focus, viewing and grading student work in Google Classroom and then syncing assignment grades back into Focus.

Google Hangouts Basics Video Lesson

This video is intended as a beginner lesson to creating a Google Hangouts meeting from a calendar event, inviting guests, accessing the meeting and exploring the options with a Google Hangouts Meeting.

The Basics of Google Classroom Video Lesson

This video is intended as a beginner lesson for all of the various features of Google Classroom, including creating a Google Classroom course, posting announcements, creating assignments, monitoring students who are enrolled in the course and using the grade tab to view and grade assignments.