Portal 9.1.0

The Portal page is the key to navigation throughout Focus. A lot can be accomplished directly from the Portal page--it includes Alerts, Messages, a Calendar,  a Help button, and more.

The Basics of the Portal Page

1. From the School Information menu, select Portal.

2. Upon logging into your parent portal account, Focus will automatically open the Portal page.

3. Your username will appear just before the school name at the top of the screen. Note: Your username will not display as a pull-down unless you have more than one type of profile/account assigned to you.

4. In the upper left corner of the screen is the Focus logo. Most districts elect to have their own logo here. This also functions as a Portal button--clicking the logo at any time from any screen will take you back to the main Portal page.

5. Next you will see the Focus navigation menu along the left side of the screen. If you hover over any of the menu icons, the menu will open and the menu titles will appear.

Because you may have different Preferences set up, your menu may be located along the top of the screen. To change your preferences, select the My Information menu, and click Preferences. From this screen, you will have the ability to customize the look of your Portal page and more. To change the menu, select or clear the selection for Use Sidebar Menu. Once finished, click Save. See the article on Preferences for information on how to customize the look of the software.

6. From here, you can click on any of the menu items for additional options (screens).

To quickly find a screen within a menu, click the menu and type the full or partial name of the screen in the Search text box. The menu will filter based upon the entered criteria. Click the desired screen.

7. At the bottom of the menu is a magnifying glass (in the left corner of the screen). To search for any screens within the parent portal, click on the magnifying glass and start typing in the white text box--this will pull any screens that match. Once you see what you are looking for, click the name and the screen will open.

8. Across the top of the Portal page you will also see the name of the selected student's School. If you linked to multiple students who attend different schools, the school name will change when the student is selected.

9. Next to your school(s) is the school year pull-down, which will default to the current school year. This pull-down is accessible at all times and can be changed as needed.

When a previous or future year is selected, the header and accent color of the screen will turn red as an alert that you are working in a different school year.

10. Your student/child's name displays in the header as well. If you are linked to multiple students, the student's name will display in a pull-down allowing you to switch between children.

11. You can also choose a marking period. The marking period, like the school year, will also default to the current marking period. Note: What you see in your pull-down may vary depending on district set up and the students' type of school.

12. You will also notice your Last login listed with the day and time, as shown in the image.

13. A Focus greeting will welcome whoever is signed into the system. You will see your username here.

14. One of the last tools on the Portal page is the Messenger, which allows you to send messages to your assigned teachers. Click Messenger at the bottom of the screen to begin utilizing the feature. Note: This feature must be enabled by the district; therefore, Messenger may not be available to you.

15. The last two tools on the Portal page are the Help and Logout buttons found in the bottom right corner of the screen.

a. The Help button is linked to two types of external software (depending on the version of the software you are using): Moodle (Focus University) and ScreenSteps. Clicking the Help button will open a help documentation article pertaining to the screen you are using. The Help button is available on every Focus screen.

b. The Logout button can be used when you would like to sign-out of your Focus session. Logging out will take you back to the main login screen. Note: Closing out of the window will not sign you out. Closing the browser all together may or may not sign you out depending on your browser settings.

Alerts, Messages, and More

1. The Alerts module contains user-specific notifications, which are automated by Focus and used to alert parents of student information, such as grades, discipline, schedule changes, attendance, etc.

2. The Messages module contains profile-specific notifications or reminders from both Focus and the school/district. Typical messages include parent-teacher meetings, enrollment reminders, early releases, etc.

The Messages section may also include a link to the student's test scores to be viewed in PDF formatting when published by the district.

The Test Score Reports download links are school year specific; therefore, test score reports only display in the corresponding school year selected from the school year pull-down. No messages displays if no test scores are available to download for the selected school year.

The Messages section may also include links to the student's Report Cards, SSRS Report Cards, Standard Grades Report Cards, or Progress Reports to be viewed in PDF formatting when published by the district.

From here, you can click the applicable link to view the report card in a PDF print preview screen, at which point, it can be printed, downloaded, etc.

3. The Upcoming Events module contains reminders of the next seven events on your Calendar. Upcoming Events are visible to everyone, including students and parents, and include reminders of holidays, teacher workdays, sporting events, etc. Upcoming Events display until the event occurs, and the date appears in the title. Note: You can click on each event for additional information.

a. Click the View Calendar link to open Calendars.

4. The Featured Programs module contains profile-specific links to the programs that users access most often, and enables direct navigation from the Portal page. Clicking on any one of the program links will take you directly to the corresponding screen. For example, if you select Class Schedule, Focus will navigate directly to the Class Schedule screen. Notice, the student's schedule is also listed along with the current grade in the course.

5. Additional modules displayed on the Parent portal are custom created by the district/school; therefore, any additional modules shown on your portal may differ. The image shown below is an example of a district that is utilizing the Email Notifications module.

Checking In and Accessing Google Classroom

From the Student Portal, students are able to log in and click an I’m Present button, which will automatically record their attendance as present for each scheduled course throughout the day. If the school district is utilizing the third-party integration with Google Classroom, a link to Google Classroom will also be provided in the Check In Portal block.

1. From the Portal page, locate the Check In portal block.


2. Click I'm present to sign in and mark yourself present for the day.

Once clicked, the I’m Present button will be Inactive (grayed out) for the remainder of the day.


3. Click the Google Classroom link to open Google Classroom as set up by your teacher.

Fwd: Check In Documentation and Embed Code for for Screensteps - lizetteg@focusschoolsoftware.com - Focus School Software Mail

The Google Classroom link does not display on the student portal if the district is not utilizing the Google Classroom integration with the Focus Gradebook.