Lunches setup provides the district with the ability to view students' assigned lunches on their schedules without having to build lunch courses and sections.

Setting Up Lunches

The Lunches screen is used to set up lunch schedules for students. Students are assigned a lunch using lunch rules. The students' lunch assignment is displayed on their schedules.


Prior to assigning students their Lunch Period, lunches need to be set up.  The Lunches tab is where the school administrator is able to set up the different Lunch Periods for the school.

1. Go to the Scheduling menu and select Lunches.

2. Enter the Title and the Short Name for each Lunch Period.


3. Press the Enter/Return key or click Save to save the record.

If a Lunch Period was added in error, use the red minus sign to delete it and confirm the deletion in the pop-up window.

The Title and Short Name of any existing Lunch Periods are modifiable. Click in the field, change the Title or the Short Name, and then click the Save button that is located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Lunch Rules

Once all of the Lunches have been created on the Lunches tab, the next step is to set up the Lunch Rules. The Lunch Rules assign students to a Lunch Period. Lunch Rules can be set up based on period, teacher and/or room.

1. Click on the Lunch Rules tab.

2. Select a Period, a Teacher and/or a Room from the corresponding pull-downs.


3. Select the Lunch to assign to this group of students.

4. Press the Enter/Return key on the keyboard.

5. Click Save to save the Lunch Rule.

  • One or multiple Teachers can be selected. If a Teacher is not selected for the rule, then a Room must be selected to save the Lunch Rule.
  • One or multiple Rooms can be selected. If a Room is not selected for the Rule then a Teacher must be selected to save the Lunch Rule.

Students are assigned lunches based on the Teacher and/or Room applied. If A Teacher AND a Room is applied to a lunch period, students may be assigned multiple times if said students are enrolled with the selected teacher and/or in the specified room causing the students to have multiple lunches assigned.

Student Schedules

To see how the Lunches display on student schedules follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Scheduling menu and click Student Schedule.

2. Click More Search Options, then click Scheduling.

a. Scheduled into Section(s): Select one or more teachers based on the periods/rooms set on the Lunch Rule.

3. Click Search.

4. Click the applicable Student.

The Lunch Period can now be viewed on the Student Schedule.