Add a Student (Enrollment)

Focus enables school registrars to search for a student within the district (to prevent duplicated students) and re-enroll inactive students. Registrars are also able to enroll brand new students using required fields from the enrollment form. Registrars can co-enroll, withdraw, or view a student on an enrollment report. Withdrawal forms can be printed within Focus after a student has been withdrawn.

General Information

When enrolling a new student, a search for possible district matches must first be done using the student’s name, birthdate, and/or SSN (or any fields set as required by the district).

1. Go to the Students menu and select Add a Student.

2. To determine if the student has been previously or is currently enrolled in the district, enter a combination of the student’s First Name, Last Name, Gender, Birthdate or Birth Year, or any other fields.

3. Click Search.

If a future birthdate is entered on this screen, enrollment cannot be saved. On the last enrollment screen, the Save button will not become active until birthdate is changed to a date in the past.

The student matches are displayed at the bottom of the screen in Exact Matches and Partial Matches. Exact Matches display students based on exact SSN, Local ID or Student ID matches. Partial Matches display based on matching first names, last names and exact birthdate or birth year matches.

Focus prevents the duplication of student enrollment records by pulling existing students whose criteria matches regardless of any other criteria entered:

  • Student’s SSN exactly
  • First Name, Last Name (if both match student)
  • Last Name, Birthdate (if both match student)
  • Student ID number

If one or more students are returned, check the birthdate and other given information to verify if the student being registered is one of these students.

4. If unable to determine that this is the correct student, click View to view the Student’s Info page. The student record will open in a new window if the student was enrolled at the school or if the profile has permission to Allow withdrawing students from other schools.

If the viewed student is the correct student, close the window and follow the instructions for adding an active or inactive student. This will only work if the Allow withdrawing students from other schools is turned on.

If none of the students in the list is the correct student, follow the instructions for adding a new student. 

Based on System Preferences, search results can be ordered on the Add a Student screen by Student ID in addition to Name and Birthdate. Search results will display according to the saved preference. Alert icons can display regardless of the student’s school of enrollment.

If the student is currently enrolled in another school in the district, the student cannot be enrolled unless the permission Allow withdrawing students from other schools is turned on. Do not try to enroll the student from the same window that opened from the View button.

Results of search:

  • No Records Found, go to the New Student Enrollment section.
  • Student matched and inactive, go to the Inactive Student Enrollment section.
  • Student matched and enrolled at another school, go to the Active Student Enrollment section.
New Student Enrollment

1. Once it has been verified that no records exist for the student, complete the search fields for any other required or optional fields.

2. Click Enroll as New Student.

Add a Student

3. Enter the Physical Address for the student being enrolled.

There is a system preference that allows for validating the address if the Address Catalog is enabled.

If the address is valid, a list of zoned schools will display based on the entered address.

SIS Enrollment_6/2023 - Google Docs

If the address is invalid or not recognized in the system, and if edit rights have been granted to override the Zoned Address Restrictions and/or to Enroll Out of District students, a notification will appear at the top of the page.

If the address is correct and one or both of the above permissions has been granted:

  • Select the appropriate override code from the Overide Reason pull-down. 
  • Click Override and a green check mark will display.
Add a Student

If the address is invalid or not recognized in the system and permission has not been granted to override Zoned Address Restrictions or to Enroll out-of-district students but permission has been granted to Enroll in Applicants school, a button will display to select that option.

SIS Enrollment_6/2023 - Google Docs

If this option is selected, the following message displays: Follow district procedure for completion of the enrollment process at this point.

If able to successfully add the student’s address:

Use the sliders on the right to set this address for Primary Residence, Bus Pickup, and/or Bus Drop-off:

  • Primary Residence refers to the student’s primary residence, not the parents.
  • If the student is not picked up and/or dropped off at the Primary Residence, click the Bus Pickup/Bus Dropoff sliders to turn those fields off. A separate address card will need to be created if a student is picked up or dropped off at a different address.
  • The Mailing Address toggle should always be left on.
  • Leave the fields blank if the Primary Residence is the same as the Mailing address. This will automatically pull the Primary Residence when pulling Mailing Address fields into letters and/or labels.
Add a Student
  • If the Mailing Address is different from the Physical Address, the Mailing Address toggle will need to be on in order to edit these fields.
  • Enter the information below in the Mailing Address field (example: PO Box 123, City, ST, Zip). 
Add a Student

4. Click + Add Contact to add the Parent/Guardian’s contact details for the address entered for the student.

Add a Student

A pop-up window opens where the parent/guardian’s contact details are entered.

Add a Student

a. Enter the contact’s name details.

b. Select the contact’s relationship to the student.

c. Use the sliders to select the contact’s designations for Custody, Emergency, & Pick Up status, if applicable.

d. Select a Contact Type (phone title) from the pull-down and enter the Phone Number/Value text box. Make sure to press Enter/Return to save the phone number.

Detail Priority: If more than one phone number is entered for a contact, enter the priority for each phone number.

Options: Once a number has been entered, fields will display to select if the number should be used for the phone dialer (call out) and if it is the preferred number for the contact.

Add a Student

e. Click on the applicable address card.

f. Click Save and the entered information will display. Options to add additional contacts at the student’s address will display.

To add a contact not living at the student’s residence, click + Add Contact under Other Contacts and follow the same steps as above, except select the No Address card when done.

Add a Student
Enrollment Options

An Errors text box on the right of the enrollment screen may indicate required fields for Grade Level, Enrollment Code, Prior District, Prior State, and Prior Country.

Add a Student

A red error with an x displays for users without permission to skip required fields.

A yellow error with an exclamation mark displays for those with skip required fields.

Click Continue. This will not be available until all required fields are completed. A second screen may now appear with additional required fields (some may have default values set) as well as optional fields to complete upon enrollment. Required fields to update may include:

  • Ethnicity: Must select Yes or No.
  • Race: At least one field must be Yes.
  • Home Language Survey: All three questions are required. Use the filter field to begin typing a language to reduce the need for scrolling through the list.
  • Multi Birth for Faster: Select N- Not a Multiple, Y - A Multiple or Z- Not Known.
  • Country of Birth: May be defaulted to United States.
  • Residence County: May be defaulted to county of enrollment.
  • Resident Status: May be defaulted to PK-12 In-County Resident [3].
  • Immunization Status: May be defaulted to Enrolled less than 31 days [0].
  • Graduation Option: May be defaulted based on grade level of enrolled student (PK-8 = [Z] and 9-12 = [1]).
SIS Enrollment_6/2023 - Google Docs

If you don't have permission to skip required fields, you will see some errors display in yellow in addition to those displayed in red.

Once all have been completed, the save button turns red becoming active.

Click Save to enroll the student.

Click Go To Student to go to the student information page to view, add, or edit info.

Click Transfer/Enroll Another Student to continue to transfer or enroll another student.


Enroll yourself or favorite fictional character as a new student at your school. Be sure to update demographic information and enter grade level, the Enrollment Date and Code.

Inactive Student Enrollment

When searching for possible matches in Add a Student, if a match is found in search results and the student is NOT enrolled in another school, the student is recognized as Inactive because of the existence of a Drop Date and Drop Code.

Scroll to the right to view the address information, if available. If there is insufficient information to determine if this is the student being enrolled:

Click View to verify more information. The student record will open in a new window if the student was enrolled at the school or if the profile has permission to Allow withdrawing students from other schools.

If the student listed is not the correct student, follow the the steps described in the New Student Enrollment section.

If the student listed is the correct student to enroll, click the green Enroll button. There will only be one screen to complete.

a. Update and validate the Address. Choose an override code, if applicable.

b. Set Bus Pickup/Bus Dropoff sliders if a student receives door-to-door pickup.

c. The Mailing address slider should remain selected even if mailing address and primary address are the same.

d. Update the phone number, if applicable.

e. Select the Grade Level.

f. Update the Enrollment Start Date, if applicable. The field defaults to the current date.

g. Select the appropriate Enrollment Code.

h. Click Save.

Click Go To Student or Transfer/Enroll Another Student in the pop-up window that notifies that the student was successfully enrolled.

Active Student Enrollment

An active student is one that displays with an Enrollment Date and Enrollment Code and has no Withdrawal date or code.

Currently Active Student

Contact the current school of enrollment and request for the student to be withdrawn.

  • Only after the student is withdrawn from the previous school can the student be enrolled at a new school following the instructions for Enrolling Inactive Student.
  • The only exception to this rule is if the user has the permission to Allow Withdrawing a student from another school explained below.

Currently Active Student with “Allow Withdrawing a student from another school”

If you have permission to Allow withdrawing a student from another school, the task of enrolling a currently active student becomes easier.

1. Click the green Enroll button to Withdraw and Enroll the student without having to contact the current school.

2. Select the Withdraw from [School Name] check box, add an End Date and a Drop Code.

3. Enter the Enrollment Date and Enrollment Code as well as any other required fields to actively enroll the student.


There are times that a student will be attending two schools during the same school year. Focus has a Second School feature that allows the two schools to view the student’s schedule, attendance and grades from both schools.

For example, a student is enrolled in a High School (primary school) and a Technical School (secondary school). There are two methods for co-enrolling a student. The first method of Co-Enrolling a student must be completed by the home/primary campus.

Co-Enrolling: Option 1

1. Go to the student’s Enrollment record.

Student Info

2. Set the correct Year.

3. Select the correct School.

4. Set the correct Grade Level.

5. Enter a new Enrollment Date (start date) and Enrollment Code.

6. Select the Second School check box.

7. Click Save.

Co-Enrolling: Option 2

Option 2 allows the second school to add the enrollment record.

1. Go to the Students menu and select Add a Student.

2. Search for the student.

3. Click Enroll.

4. Select the Second School check box.

5. Click Save.

The second school can now add the enrollment record.

Add a Student
Withdrawing a Student

When a student is withdrawn from a school, the student’s status becomes Inactive in the district’s database. The proper way to withdraw a student is to complete the withdrawal fields on the student’s enrollment record.

The withdraw process will not delete the student’s record.

It is important that the withdraw date is DIFFERENT from the enrollment date if the student is transferring schools.

The withdraw date is when the student becomes inactive in the system.

The withdraw date is inclusive, so the student will stay active through that withdraw date. 

If School A withdraws the student on Wednesday, School B will not be able to enroll the student until Thursday. 

If School B must enroll the student on Wednesday then School A can backdate the withdraw date to Tuesday, but this is NOT recommended by Focus because the records will be inaccurate.

The first day of school is the only exception. On the first day of school the Enroll Date can be the same as the Drop Date.

1. Enter the student’s name in the Find a Student text box on the Portal page and select Enrollment from the pull-down.


2. Click Search.

Withdraw from Enrollment Chart View - Option 1

Ensure the current enrollment record logging field is selected in order to withdraw the student.

1. Set the appropriate Drop Date and Drop Code from the pull-down. Notice the changed fields are in yellow.

2. Click Save.

Student Info

The schedule can be dropped in case the student returns to the school; this prevents automatically rescheduling the student into the same sections. Enter the Drop Date on each course on the student’s schedule.

Withdraw through View Details Screen - Option 2

Another way to edit the student’s enrollment record is through the view screen.

1. Find the correct Enrollment record.

2. Click View.

Student Info

3. Enter the Drop Date and Drop Code.

Student Info

4. Click Save.

Withdrawal Forms through Student Menu

A Withdrawal Form may be required when withdrawing a student.

1. Select the Demographic tab for the withdrawing student; in this case, the General Demographics tab.

Student Info

2. From the Print a Form/Letter pull-down, select the Withdrawal Form

Preview the letter to ensure accuracy.

Student Info

3. Select the Send to Student Log check box each time the student or parent is sent a letter.

Student Info

4. Select the Print icon to print the Withdrawal Form.


Working with a partner from a different school, withdraw any student from your school, then enroll the student your partner withdrew. Be sure to include Start/End Dates and Enroll/Drop Codes.

Delete/Merge Students

The Delete a Student module allows administrative users to delete specific students or merge two students together, which is useful if two student IDs have been created for the same student. Users can also undo student merges and deletions, if needed.

Merging Students

You can merge two students together, which is useful if two student IDs have been created for the same student.

1. Go to the Students menu and select Delete a Student.

2. Click the Merge 2 Students tab.

3. Select the radio button to determine what happens If attendance records conflict; you can select to Cancel the merge or Use the Keep Student's attendance.

4. Click Continue.  All records linked to the two student IDs are listed for selection.

5. All records linked to the two student IDs entered are listed for selection. In this case, there are 109 types of data to merge. Review each Data Type for the two selected student IDs. Select the corresponding check boxes to merge the listed data.

Delete a Student

Student Referrals are school year specific. The number of student referrals that display on this screen are specific to the school year the user has selected at the top-right of the screen. If the students being merged have historical referral entries, this may not be reflected in the total and should be considered for merge.

6. Be sure the Delete Student [Student ID] after merging check box is selected before continuing to merge the students.

Delete a Student

7. Click Merge.

When the demographics option is included, Focus does not copy the following fields from the student being deleted into the student being kept unless the field is null in the student being kept: FLEID, Student Number Identifier, Florida Alias, and Social Security Number.

When the merge is complete, a verification message displays: [Student ID] has been merged into [Student ID].

Delete a Student

10. Click View the Student to open the student's record via Student Info.

Deleting Students

If a student record was created in error and the student does not yet have any attendance or gradebook records, the student record(s) may be deleted. 

1. Go to the Students menu and select Delete a Student.

2. Click the Delete a Student tab.

Delete a Student

3. Enter the Student ID of the student you would like to delete in the provided text box.

Delete a Student

4. Click Delete.

Notice that you cannot delete a student that has attendance data and/or grades.

A confirmation window displays: Are you sure you want to permanently delete that student: [Student Name]?

5. To proceed and make the deletion complete, click Permanently Delete.

Delete a Student

To Cancel and return to the main Delete a Student screen, click the corresponding button.

When the student has been deleted, a verification message displays: That student has been deleted.

Delete a Student
Undoing Student Merges and Deletions

1. In the Students menu, click Delete a Student.

2. Click the Undo tab.

Delete a Student

The Undo tab displays the user responsible for making the change, the Date the change was made, Comments entered, if the student was Restored, Deleted Student ID, and the Merged Into Student ID.

3. Click Restore to restore the merged or deleted student.

Delete a Student

4. Click Yes in the confirmation pop-up window to restore the student.

Delete a Student

A confirmation message displays that the student has been restored. The Restored column updates to Yes and the Restore button is removed.

Delete a Student

5. Click the Comments text box to add comments, such as the reason the student was restored.

Delete a Student

a. Click Save to save the comments added.

Add/Drop Report

1. In the Students menu, click Add / Drop Report.

2. From the Add / Drop Report screen, set a time frame by clicking the month, day, and year pull-downs. You can also click the calendar icon to select a date.

Add / Drop Report

3. If you have access to multiple schools, you can select the All Schools check box to pull data from all accessable schools.

Add / Drop Report

4. Click Go.

The Add / Drop Report displays the Student name, Student ID, School, Grade Level, Enrolled date and/or Dropped date, and the Reason for the add or drop, such as (E02) Transferring from a public school out of district but in the state.

Add / Drop Report

5. For detailed information about a specific student, click the name in the Student column.

a. Clicking the student's name opens Student Info; for information pertaining specifically to the student's enrollment, click the Enrollment tab.

To export the list to a spreadsheet, click the Excel icon located next to the number of Enrollment Records.

To retrieve the report in PDF or to print, click Print at the bottom of the screen.

Add / Drop Report

To Display Enrolled records only:

Click the Filter button.

Set the Filter Rules to Dropped > Less Than > 1. 

Click Run Filter.

Add / Drop Report

To Display Dropped records only:

Click the Filter button.

Set the Filter Rules to Enrolled > Less Than > 1. 

Click Run Filter.

Add / Drop Report

Create an Add/Drop Report for last month.

Practice saving the report to your computer.

Add a Filter to view the Dropped students only.