Elementary Walk-In Scheduling

After the scheduler is no longer being run, students may still be enrolling in the current year and will need a schedule for the upcoming year. Additionally, once the new school year begins, new students will need to be scheduled.  In both of these scenarios, schedules would be created or changed manually, which is referred to in Focus as Walk-in Scheduling.

Students with No Schedule: Before and After the Term Begins

The Scheduling Loading Reports can be used after the Elementary Scheduler is no longer being used and once the new school year begins to locate students who have not been scheduled or who may have incomplete schedules (missing sections would indicate incomplete packages). Schedulers should be in the new school year when viewing this report.

Loading Reports: Students with Incomplete Schedules

This report displays students with a red X in each period where a section is missing. Students without a schedule show all periods with a red X.  If students display on this report with only 1 or 2  periods with Xs, the package for the teacher may be missing sections and will need to be fixed.

1. In the Scheduling menu, select Loading Reports.

2. Click the Students with Incomplete Schedules tab.

3. Conduct a student search.

4. The Effective Date defaults to the first day of the marking period selected at the top of the screen. Adjust the Effective Date if it is after the first day of the term.

5. In the Periods to Check section, select the periods to display on the report. If you have periods set up for after school activities or for other purposes, do not select those periods.

6. Click Update to regenerate the report.

Loading Reports

7. Click the Student name from the Students with Incomplete Schedules to display the student’s schedule screen. The schedule can be built by adding the HR/Study Hall/GradeLevel Package.

The Package can be added in one of two ways:

Option 1: By clicking on the link +Add a Section, which opens Courses & Sections.

Option 2: By using any of the pull-downs in Search for a section to add.

Student Schedule

Option 1: +Add a Section

1. Click + Add a Section. Clicking + Add a Section opens Courses & Sections in a pop-up window.

2. Click on the Subject containing the applicable HR/Study Hall/GradeLevel course.

3. Click on the HR/Study Hall/Grade Level Course to view the Sections. A column displays the number of seats available for all HR sections.

Sched 6 Elem Walk-In Scheduling - 8/2023 - Google Docs

4. Click on the appropriate HR/Study Hall/Grade Level Section which will close the window.

The student’s schedule now displays all the sections that have been packaged with the HR/Study Hall/Grade Level section.

Sched 6 Elem Walk-In Scheduling - 8/2023 - Google Docs

Option 2: Search for a section to add

The row of pull-down selections at the bottom of the schedule screen can also be used to select a HR/Study Hall/GradeLevel package to build a student’s schedule. It is up to the individual user to determine which fields they wish to use to locate a section with available seats. Most users prefer this method for building the schedule as everything is done from this part of the screen.

1. Choose options from one or more of the fields.

2. Click Search after making selections.

3. Based on the search criteria entered, available sections will display as a hyperlink with a + sign indicating the section can be added to the student schedule.

4. Click the Course to add the homeroom package to the schedule.

Sched 6 Elem Walk-In Scheduling - 8/2023 - Google Docs
Sched 6 Elem Walk-In Scheduling - 8/2023 - Google Docs

With either option used, if the wrong Homeroom section was chosen, the entire Package must be deleted.

Select the check box in the Delete column, then click Save.

Student Schedule

These check boxes only display through the end of the first day of the new term. After the first day of a new term,  a Drop Date must be used to remove a package.

The student schedules are opened on a new tab. Close the tab and return to the Loading Report; refresh the report and the scheduled student will no longer display on the report. This process can be repeated for individual students until all unscheduled students have a schedule.

Mass Adding Course to Students with No Schedule

If multiple students will be scheduled into the same homeroom package, the Mass Add Course feature can be used.

1. In the Scheduling menu, select Mass Add Course.

2. Conduct a student search in order to locate students scheduled into the applicable HR/Study Hall /GradeLevel Course.

3. At the top of the screen, click Choose Course.

4. In the pop-up window, click the subject, course, and section to add to the students.

The selected section is displayed next to Course Section(s) to Add.

5. Click the Choose more Courses link to add more sections if needed.

6. Select the Start Date of the course.

7. Select the Marking Period of enrollment. Selecting Full Course Enrollment will enroll the students for the full course length set on the course.

8. Select the Locked check box to lock this section on the student's schedule. When a section is locked, it will not be affected by subsequent Scheduler runs.

9. Scroll down to the student list. Select the check box next to each student to mass add this course to, or select the check box in the column header to select all the students in the list.

10. Click Add Course(s) to Selected Students at the top of the screen.

A green check mark and confirmation message is displayed, indicating the course has been added to the selected students.


Schedule Students

Part 1

1. Locate a student without a schedule.

2. Schedule the student using Option 1 (+Add a Section)

Part 2 

3. Locate another student without a schedule.

4. Schedule the student using Option 2 (Search for a Section to Add)

Dropping Individual Student Schedules

Prior to and up through the end of the first day of the school year/new term, a package can be dropped from a student’s schedule using the delete check boxes. Since the class may not have yet started, deleting the class may not impact attendance or grades.

1. In the Scheduling menu, select Student Schedule.

2. Conduct a student search.

3. Select the Delete check box in the header and all sections will be checked. Individual sections are typically NOT deleted from elementary schedules. If the wrong section appears on a student schedule, then the package most likely is incorrect and the whole package would need to be mass dropped, corrected in Create Packages, and mass added to student schedules (see the next section on Mass Dropping Schedules).

Student Schedule

4. Click Save.

5. Follow the previous steps for using + Add a Section or Search for a Section to add to complete the students' schedules.

After the first day of the school year or new term, the Delete check boxes will no longer be available because Attendance and Grades could potentially be linked to the sections. The sections will have to be dropped individually or en mass from the schedule as described below.

After the first day of the school year, the delete check boxes disappear and schedules must have a Drop Date entered if a student withdraws or changes teachers.

Option 1:

a. The Dropped date must be entered on ALL sections since the sections are linked to the HR/Study Hall/Grade Level course.

Student Schedule

b. Click Save after entering the date(s).

Option 2:

a. Click Mass Update to quickly mass drop the entire schedule.

b. Select Dropped for the pull-down.

c. Select the Dropped date from the corresponding pull-downs.

d. Click Run Mass Update.

The schedule Dropped Date is inclusive, so the student will stay active in the class through the date. The Dropped Date should be the last day the student attended the class. The Dropped Date and Enrolled Date for replacement sections cannot be the same date.

Adding Inclusion Sections for ESE/ELL Students

If students will be receiving in-class support from Support Teachers (ESE, ELL Immersion, Resource, etc.) for a course, schedulers can use the Inclusion tab to create the Inclusion section. Once the Inclusion section has been created it can be added to existing student schedules.

A system preference can be enabled that will allow Focus to automatically subtract Inclusion minutes from the primary section when added to the student schedule; otherwise, schedulers must manually adjust the minutes.

1. In the Scheduling menu, select Courses & Sections.

2. Select the appropriate Subject, Course, and Section (some districts  may use an 8th digit on the course number or some naming convention on the section short name, to indicate the section to which an Inclusion section is/will be attached).

3. Click the Inclusion tab.

4. In the empty row, define the inclusion teacher's information:

Courses & Sections

Inclusion Teacher: Select the inclusion teacher from the list of active teachers at the school.

Permissions: Select the level of permissions to give to the inclusion teacher for attendance and the Gradebook. Select None, Read Only, or Modify.

Scheduling Method: Select I - In Class One-on-One. Since this tab is for inclusion sections only, I is the only scheduling method option.

Highly Qualified: Setting this field is no longer needed.

Team Teacher Training: Select the team teacher training status. This is required for the inclusion scheduling method. Note: For Florida, at least one teacher (either team teacher) needs 3 or more years of teaching experience.

Cert/Licensure/Qual Status: Select the teachers certification status. If using the HQ/Lic process, this field will be locked and will update automatically.

Primary Instructor: Select this check box if the inclusion teacher is the primary instructor for the section. For inclusion, this is typically set to No (unchecked).

Report to DOE: This field is set to Yes by default. Deselect the check box if the inclusion teacher should not be submitted on the Teacher Course format for state reporting.

Course Num: If the course number for the inclusion section is different from the regular course number, enter the course number in this field. Focus will populate upon extract the course number from the primary section and prepend the section ID with an I to make it unique.

Section Num: If the section number for the inclusion section is different from the regular section number, enter the section number in this field.

Inclusion Minutes Weekly: Enter the number of minutes the inclusion section meets each week. If no minutes are added to the inclusion section, then the inclusion section will have 0 minutes on the schedule record and the S section will have its normal number of minutes. If minutes are added to the inclusion section, then the minutes on the inclusion schedule record will display this number. The minutes on the associated S section will be the S weekly minutes minus the inclusion section weekly minutes. If the inclusion section is removed from the student or the student is dropped from the inclusion section, the minutes are added back to the S section. Note: If the system preference "Do not subtract minutes when using the Inclusion tab" is enabled, the number of minutes set in Inclusion Minutes Weekly on inclusion sections are not subtracted from the Class Minutes Weekly on the associated section. Florida only: An error message will display when attempting to Save if the Inclusion Minutes Weekly are greater than the Class Minutes Weekly.

Inclusion FEFP: Select the FEFP number for the inclusion section.

Inclusion Reading Intervention Component: Select the reading intervention component for the inclusion section.

Inclusion ELL Instructional Model: Select the ELL instructional model for the inclusion section.

Start Date, End Date: Select the start date and end date for when the inclusion teacher will work with the section.

Inclusion Rotation Days: If an advanced rotation is set up for the school, select the rotation days the inclusion section meets.

Days Override: Select the days the inclusion teacher will work with the students in this section. Note: A teacher may work with a section one or more days during the week; select the appropriate days. To be reported for state reporting class size, Friday should be selected.

5. Click Save.

The Inclusion/Support section can be added to the student schedule in multiple ways before or after the term begins.

Option 1: Adding from the Individual Student Schedule

1. In the Scheduling menu, select Student Schedule.

2. Conduct a student search.

3. The student’s schedule opens; the Show Florida Fields check box must be selected.

The section with the Inclusion section attached will display a red X in the Inclusion column. This means the section has been built but the student is not assigned.

Sched 6 Elem Walk-In Scheduling - 8/2023 - Google Docs

4. Double click the red X to display a check box then click the Save button.

Student Schedule

The Inclusion section displays below the primary section and both will display a green checkmark. The Inclusion section checkmark is not editable.

The Class Minutes Weekly for the Inclusion section will automatically subtract from the primary section if the system preference has been enabled.

Student Schedule

Adjust Minutes and Days of service on the Inclusion section as indicated by the ESE or ELL service provider. If minutes are manually reduced or increased on the Inclusion section from the schedule, the primary section minutes will automatically update if the system preference has been enabled; otherwise the minutes will need to be manually adjusted.

5. Click Save.

Option 2: Adding from the Students with Inclusion Report

This Report allows users to select any section that has been built using the Inclusion tab and display the students in the parent course. Any students already assigned to the Inclusion teacher for that section will display on the report with the Inclusion check box already selected.

The report can also be used to add students to the Inclusion section and/or edit the student’s meeting days and/or minutes. Changes made on the report will filter down to the student schedules.

1. In the Scheduling menu, select Students with Inclusion.

2. Select one or multiple sections in the Sections with Inclusion pull-down.

The Sections with Inclusion pull-down is populated with active sections that have inclusion set up for the school and school year selected at the top-right.

3. Click Load Report.

The report displays students who are scheduled into the selected section(s). The Schedule Record row displays the schedule fields for the general section. Students who are already scheduled into the inclusion section have the Inclusion check box selected, and have an additional Inclusion Record row that displays beneath the Schedule Record row.

Students with Inclusion

4. To add an inclusion record to a student, select the Inclusion check box.

5. Click Save.

Students with Inclusion

The report is refreshed, and an Inclusion Record row is displayed for the student.

6. Make any updates to the Schedule Record or Inclusion Record rows as needed, such as updating Class Minutes Weekly.

When the Class Minutes Weekly are updated for the inclusion record, it is automatically adjusted for the schedule record.

7. Click Save.

Students with Inclusion
Dropping or Removing an Inclusion Section

Dropping an Inclusion Section

If the student no longer needs the Inclusion section, it will need to be dropped from the student schedule just like any other section after the term has begun.

1. Enter a Dropped date for the Inclusion section on the student’s schedule.

2. Click Save.

Student Schedule

The primary Class Minutes Weekly will show the default value minus the default Inclusion minutes (if the system preference has been enabled). The Class Minutes Weekly on the primary section will update to the full minutes once the drop date has passed and the dropped Inclusion section no longer displays on the schedule.

Removing an Inclusion Section

This is NOT the recommended method because this will remove any record of the ESE/Support Services. Removing the Inclusion Section from the student schedule should only be used if it was added mistakenly.

1. Select the Show Florida Fields check box.

2. Click the Inclusion field where the green check mark displays, then deselect the check box.

3. Click Save.

Student Schedule
Adding Pull-Out (ESE/ELL, Tier Support) Courses to Student Schedules

When students will be leaving the traditional class to receive extra instruction or therapies, the section must be created and then can be individually added or mass added to student schedules like any other course.

1. In the Scheduling menu, select Courses & Sections.

2. Select the appropriate Subject, Course, and Section.

3. Click the Florida tab.

4. From the Scheduling Method pull-down, select G - Individual or Small Group Instruction (district may opt to instruct to use S-Self Contained).

5. Select the Pull-out check box. A green check mark displays after saving.

6. Ensure the Class Minutes Weekly is correct; this can be changed on the individual student schedule, if needed,

Courses & Sections

Now that the section is built, the section can be added to a student schedule just as any other section.

7. Adjust the Meeting Days and the Class Weekly Minutes for the student as indicated by the service provider. You may need to select the check box to Show Florida Fields to see the minutes column.

Student Schedule

The minutes will automatically subtract similar to Inclusion if the system  preference has been enabled. Adjustments might need to be made on an individual basis.

8. Click Save after making any changes to the student schedule.