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Manage Student: Threat Assessment Events

Each district's Threat Assessment process will differ. This help document pertains to the default setup in Focus without any district-defined customizations, events, forms, or alert triggers. The first five forms/steps are set as required per Florida DOE. Districts can decide if any answer on a specific form should make any of the remaining steps required. The Threat Assessment program should be opened on the student making the threat.

Required Forms
Threat Overview Report

The first page of the Threat Overview Report provides guidelines from the DOE for conducting a Threat Assessment. The second page is for collecting the data regarding the threat, and the third page is for assigning the next 4 required steps to specific profiles. Click Save & Validate after completing each page.

Page 1: Overview and School Threat Assessment Decision Tree

Page 2: The Threat Report

The school where the threat is reported (Focus looks at the user_id of the user reporting the threat) and the school where the threat occurred will push to the Threat Classification logging field on the subject’s General Demographics tab in Student Info when the event is locked.

The name of the student making the threat will copy to the Threat Subject Interview & Mental Health Assessment (MHA) Subject Interview.

There are links on the form to view the student’s Discipline and Course History records.

Page 3: Team Responsibilities

This page is used to assign the next 4 required forms to a user profile. The profiles in the drop-downs are based on the SIS/SSS profiles that exist for the district, or, if applicable, the profiles with permission to the SSS module/program/event.

1. Select the user profile who will complete the Subject Interview.

2. Select the user profile who will complete the Target Interview.

3. Select the user profile who will complete the Key Observations.

4. Select the user profile who will complete the threat Response.

The district may create one or more Portal alerts to these user profiles that would trigger once the Threat Overview/Report is saved and validated. If and when applicable, the team can return to this form to assign the remaining steps to the user profile(s) responsible.

Threat Subject Interview

The name of the student who made the threat will copy from the Threat Overview/Report form. All required fields must be completed to successfully Save & Validate the form.

Threat Target/Witness Interview

All required fields must be completed to successfully Save & Validate the form. The Grade field will be disabled unless the Student option is selected in the Affiliation field. Additional copies are located in the Supplements step.

Threat Key Observations

Consisting of two pages, this form has three fields that will push to the Threat Classification logging field on the subject’s General Demographics tab in Student Info upon locking the event: Initial Classification or Reclassification, Date of Classification, and Type of Classification. These fields are near the bottom of page 1. All required fields must be completed to Save & Validate the form.

Question # 12 if answered Yes, this may require the completion of a suicide assessment. This form may be in the Supplements step, may become an additional step in the event, or may generate a new event if set up by the district. These options are not set up by default.

The district may also have created form triggers that will make the remaining interviews and Mental Health Assessment become required based on how the threat is classified (Transient, Serious Substantive, or Very Serious Substantive).

Threat Response

The last form that is required by DOE is the Threat Response. It is simply a checklist of actions taken by the district and a description of how the case is resolved, or a safety plan for the target and/or the subject. All required fields must be completed in order to Save & Validate the form.

Optional Forms

Though not set by default as required forms/steps, the remaining forms in the Threat Assessment can be completed on a case-by-case basis. The district may set form triggers that make the steps required based on the threat status or the answer to a specific question on any of the other 5 forms.

Additionally, it may be necessary to return to page 3 of the Threat Overview/Report to assign users to each of the following forms.

Threat MHA Subject Interview

The Mental Health Assessment (MHA) is usually conducted when a threat has been classified as Very Serious Substantive. It is used to determine whether the subject student requires treatment or referrals and to reduce the risk of the threat being carried out. It might be helpful to print the form to gather the information from the student, and then enter the data on the form in Focus.

The Subject Name will copy from the Threat Overview/Report. This form contains six pages.

Page 5 of the Mental Health Assessment contains a link to the student’s Discipline record.

Threat Parent/Guardian Interview

The assigned user may find it necessary to print this form, fill it out manually, and then copy the information in to the fields of the form in Focus. This form contains four pages.

Threat Teacher/Staff Interview

This form is two pages long and may also be printed for completion and the data entered on the form in Focus. Additional forms can be accessed from the Supplements step.

Threat Mental Health Assessment (Report)

Typically, the individual completing the MHA Subject Interview would also complete this form/step. This is form is two pages long, with the first page being a description of what should be contained in the report.

On page 2, the Identifying Information section is a computed table that will autopopulate with the student’s demographic information as required by the report template.

The remainder of the form has required fields for Reason for Referral, Sources of Information, Major Findings (from the MHA Subject Interview), and the report writer’s Conclusions.

Threat Behavior Plan

If used, the district may set this step/form to become required if Behavior Support Plan is selected as an option on the Threat Response form. The district may instead opt to use a district-specific behavior plan instead of this form that may or may not be included in the Threat Assessment event or may be generated as its own event.

Threat Assessment Supplements

On the Supplements step, there are three forms available by default. The district may add or remove forms contained in the supplement drop-down.

To access a Supplemental form:

1. Select the form to add as a supplement and click Add this form.

The selected form is added to the table.

2. Click the Edit link.

3. Complete the form and click Save & Validate when finished.

EP for Gifted Students

4. Click Return to Focus.

EP for Gifted Students

A green check mark will display in the Complete column of the table once all required fields of the form are completed. The Last Saved column will populate with the date and time the form was last saved.

EP for Gifted Students

5. To delete a supplement, click Delete.

EP for Gifted Students

The number of supplemental forms added to the student's event will display in parenthesis next to the Supplement step on the steps menu.

IEP Event

Uploads can be used to add documentation to an event. In order to print with the event, uploads must be in the PDF format.

1. Drag a file into the box, click Select and select a file from your computer, or click the scan icon and follow prompts to scan the document.

2. Once documentation is scanned or uploaded it will populate in the upload field with edit/delete options.

3. The number of uploads will display in parenthesis on the side menu.

4. Click the pencil icon to edit the title of the file.

5. Click the red minus sign to delete the upload.

6. Click OK to confirm deletion. says
Additional Information

By default, certain information from the Threat Assessment will copy over to the student’s SIS record from which reports can be generated in addition to providing a way to track the event for a student.

Threat Classification Student Logging Field

Upon locking the Threat Assessment event, the logging field on the student’s General Demographics page in Student Info will update with data from the Threat Overview and Key Observations forms.