IEP Goals PR Completion

The IEP Goals PR Completion report is used to view the progress periods that have not been reported on for students in the IEP Goals Progress Report.

Viewing the IEP Goals PR Completion Report

1. In the SSS menu, click IEP Goals PR Completion.

IEP Goals PR Completion

2. Select the Progress Period to view. One or multiple can be selected.

3. If you have access to more than one school, the All Schools check box is displayed. Select the check box to view students at all of the schools you have access to.

4. Click Submit.

IEP Goals PR Completion

Students who have not had progress reported for the selected progress period(s) are displayed. The report includes the student name, student ID, grade level, current school of enrollment, the person who initiated the event, and a column for each progress period selected. The domain and goal number will display in a column if it was not progress monitored for the student for that progress period.

5. Click the student's name or student ID link to open the Student Info screen for that student.