Manage Student

The Manage Student module provides access to all the SSS programs in use by the district for the student. Menu options are profile-driven and will vary from user to user.

Searching for a Student

1. In the SSS menu, click Manage Student.

2. Enter search criteria to locate the student and click Search.

3. In the list of students returned by the search, click the student.

4. The program screen is displayed. Select the program applicable for the student.

Creating a New Event

When a program tab is opened, the Create New Event fields display at the top. This is where the IEP and other Special Student Services begin.

1. Click on the SSS program where the event will be initiated for the student.

2. In the Create New Event section of the screen, the Scheduled Date defaults to the current date and can be manually changed for any event except for the IEP and Amended IEP (the Notice of Meeting date determines the Scheduled Date for those events).

3. Select an Event to view the steps in the Event column. Required steps in the event are indicated by a red asterisk.

4. Include Forms is selected by default. Keep Include Forms selected to force the use of Focus forms built into the selected SSS event or select Don’t Include Forms, which provides the option to upload forms associated with the selected SSS event.

5. The Campus pull-down identifies and defaults to the school in which the student attends.

6. The Date Initiated is hard-coded and will populate on the Active Events tab when the event is initiated.

7. When all event options are set correctly for the student’s SSS event, click the Initiate Event button in the Action column.

8. The first form of the event is opened.

Using Active Event Options

The event is moved to the Active Events tab after the user clicks "Return to Manage Student" within the opened event. This tab has several additional features that facilitate the event process.

1. Click View to return to the forms associated with the selected event.

2. Hover over the green ellipsis or the word Steps to see a list of the forms associated with the event. The required events are marked with an asterisk.

3. The Status will display as open until all the required steps of the event have been completed and saved.

The message "Complete all required steps" displays when hovering over the Requirements. The Status changes to Lock when all requirements have been met.

4. The Delete button requires permissions to access. Not all users will have access to delete events.

5. The Set Inactive button requires permissions to access. Not all users will have access to set events as inactive.

Printing an Event

After affirming that all forms have been saved and validated, the event forms can be printed prior to locking events. Forms print by default with a DRAFT watermark unless the event has been locked or the watermark has been disabled in the print preview.

1. Navigate to the student’s Program screen.

2. Click View on the event that will be printed.

3. The event will open. Click the Print button in the top navigation bar.

4. In the pop-up window, click Select All to enable the check boxes next to each form and print all forms. All forms are selected by default.

5. Click Select None to remove the checks from the check boxes and no forms are selected for printing.

6. Use the pull-down to identify the language in which the document will be printed if parent(s) speak a language other than English. Users can only access translated forms the district has made available.

7. Select the Highlight Changes check box to print with a yellow highlight (or grayscale highlight when printed in black and white) any changed fields on an amended event.

8. Select the Disable Watermark check box to remove the DRAFT watermark from printing on documents.

9. Select the Hide Page Numbers check box to hide the page numbers that display at the bottom of each page.

10. Select the Hide Event Name check box to hide the event names that display at the bottom of each page.

11. Click Cancel to return to the Event screen without printing.

12. Click the Preview button to open the print dialogue screen.

13. Click the Print Form button to print the document. Click Return to Focus to return to the event and steps without printing.

Locking an Event

Only the team member with the profile permission can lock an event after the meeting has been held, when all the required steps of the event have been completed and saved. The Status changes to Locked.

1. On the student’s Program screen, navigate to the Active Events tab.

2. Click the purple Lock button in the Status column.

3. A pop-up message will display upon clicking the Lock button. Click Yes to lock the event.

4. The event will now display in the Locked Events tab.

Users with the system permission "Auto-Image" set to allow in User Profile Permissions may see the Image button on locked events. This button will generate a PDF of all of the event's forms and send it to a remote server.  The events that can be auto-imaged must have the "Auto-Image" option selected in SSS > Setup > Events tab. The SFTP information must be set up in SSS > General in the Document Upload Integration setting. The event's file name will be: {student ID}_{focus SSS program}_{event name}.pdf.  

  • {student_id} - the Focus student ID
  • {focus SSS program}  - any SSS program, e.g. ESE, Section 504, Gifted Program
  • {event name} - name of the SSS event 
  • File name example:  auto-image IEP Event for student 123456789 = 123456789_ESE_ IEP Event.pdf
Completing ESE Events

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Completing MTSS Events

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Completing RtI Events

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Completing 504 Events

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Completing Threat Assessment Events

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