Searching for Students

Focus provides several ways for schools and districts to search for students, both individually and by specified search criteria. The Student Search module appears on many screens throughout Focus, and includes three submenus: Search Screen, Simple List, and Customized List. This documentation provides information on the student search screen, including the student search bar, More Search Options, and Student Groups function; the Simple List provides a comprehensive list of all students or the results from the Search Screen, and the Customized List can be set up in My Preferences to display selected students. Teachers can customize the student list via My Information > Preferences.

Searching for Students

1. From the applicable Focus screen, the Search Screen tab is selected by default. If another tab is selected, click the Search Screen tab.

This displays the Student Search module, which includes a Student search text box, the More Search Options feature, and options to include students from all schools and/or inactive students in the results, as well as students assigned to the selected group.

2. Enter the student search criteria in the Student text box, such as the student's last name.

Student Info

The Student search text box is not case sensitive, and full or partial entries can be in either a “first last” or “last, first” format. The comma is necessary in the “last, first” format. A full student name or ID number can also be entered into the search text box.

Searching for “ga” will pull every student whose first or last name begins with “Ga“ into the search results.

Student Info

Enter Ga, for last names that start with gb.

Enter ,Ga for first names that start with gb.

You can also search by Florida ID, Local ID, Student ID, and FLEID.

Texas users can search for students by Texas unique ID (custom_400009369) singularly as well as in a string separated by spaces, commas, or both.

All of the Student search entries displayed below will include “Collin Abel” in the results. Since only one student has this full name and Student ID, using either of those two criteria will directly link to Collin Abel’s student record; however, if more than one student matches the criteria of the search, all of the matches will display in the Simple List. You can also search for students using a comma-separated list of Student IDs in the Student text box.

If your district uses the UUID, the unique identifier utilized in Focus' Third Party Systems, and the field is enabled via Users > Profiles > Student Fields, you can search for students using one or many UUIDs. Type the applicable UUID in the Student text box.

[FOCUS-33121] Add ability to search for users or students using their UUIDs - JIRA

3. Click More Search Options to search for groups of students with similar information in any number of student fields and/or school data.

Student Info

Clicking More Search Options displays a list of modules that can be opened and closed by clicking the gray triangles. Set as many selections as needed to yield more specific search results. In the example shown, the Test History module is being used to search for students who have results in FSA Math -- FSAM.

Search parameters can be set in various ways throughout as many modules as needed; for example, if you needed to do a search on all 11th grade students who are missing Algebra 2 from their course history, you would select the Grade 11 check box in the General section. In the Course History section, select Alg 2 from the Course pull-down, and select the Missing from Course History check box. Then, click Search for your results.

4. To run the parameters against a Student Group, select the applicable group from the corresponding pull-down.

Student Info

Student groups that are assigned to you or are visible to your profile will be available for selection from the Student Group pull-down on any Student Search screen throughout Focus. If a default search group has not been assigned to you, then a blank (null) option will display in the Student Group field. Click the pull-down to select the student group you want to use to search.

If a default student group has been assigned to you, the group will automatically display in the Student Group pull-down. If you have access to more than one student group, you can switch to a different student group or switch to a blank selection to search on other criteria.

If you have been limited to only viewing a specific group of students, the group will automatically display in the Student Group pull-down, and you will not be able to change the group or search for students outside of the group.

Note: If you have permission to create your own student groups via Students > Student Groups, they will be listed in the pull-down.

5. Select the Search All Schools check box to include students from all schools in your search.

When you search all schools, and select a student, the student's primary school is selected from the Schools pull-down located in the header automatically.

Searching all schools as it pertains to Protected Students: If Search All Schools is selected upon conducting a student search, the search results will display the protected students, but the students’ school(s) will be replaced with HIDDEN for all users. If users have permission to View Protected Students, they can click the students’ name to open Student Info; however, if users do not have this permission, the students’ names will not include a link. Note: Users must also have rights to the students’ school(s). For more information about how to set up a Protected Student, see Student Fields: Protected Student. For more information about profile permissions, see  Profiles.

6. Select the Include Inactive Students check box to include students who do not have an active enrollment record at the selected school or all schools (if Search All Schools is selected).

Student Info

7. If you select to Include Inactive Students, you also have the option to Include Previous Years Inactive Students and/or Use Most Recent Enrollment by selecting the corresponding check boxes.

8. Click Search to conduct your search. Click Reset to clear all parameters and start over.

Student Info

Click Search without entering any search criteria to quickly pull all active students at the selected school.

Student Info
Search Results

When a student search results in more than one student, all of the resulting students display in the Simple List or the Customized List, depending on your setting via Users > My Preferences. Both of these tabs display the same students.

1. Click the Simple List tab to display the resulting students along with the student Photo, Student name, Student ID, and Grade.

Student Info

2. Click the Customized List to view the resulting students along with your customized information.

Student Info

The columns displays in the Customized List are set up via Users > My Preferences > Columns in Student Lists. This screen is also accessible when viewing the Customized List tab by clicking the Customize Student List tab.

The search criteria used to conduct your search is displayed on student listing screens.

Student Info

The number of records returned as per your search is displayed under the search criteria used.

3. Click Search Screen to conduct a new search. Note: In doing so, you will lose all search criteria entered originally.

4. Click the down arrow next to the student Photo to open the category menu, which includes quick links to the following screens/information, most of which can be accessed by Student Info: Demographics, Schedule, Grades or Course History, Absences, Add Referral, Test History, SSS, Enrollment, Requests, Standard Grades, Activities, Referrals, and Grad Reqs.

Student Info

5. Click the Student name to open the student's information as it pertains to the selected search, such as Student Info.

Student Info
Additional Features

Begin typing the name or number of the desired field in the Filter text box located at the top of each pull-down for a quick search.

Student Info

Click the Check all visible and Clear selected links for quick selections. In the example shown, students scheduled into all courses will be pulled.

Student Info

Click the floppy disk icon to export the listed data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Student Info

Click any of the headers to sort data. Click once for ascending results; click twice for descending results.

Student Info

Click Filters to further breakdown data.

Student Info

a. To add more than one filter to a column, click on the green plus sign.

b. To delete an added filter, click on the red minus sign.

c. Select the gray arrow for more filtering options.

See Filters for more information.

If looking for specific information housed within the resulting students, type the information in the Search text box provided and press Enter.

Student Info

To make the list full screen, click on the expansion icon (four arrows) next to the Search text box. Once in full screen mode, click the icon again to exit full screen.

Student Info