Standard Grades

Viewing Standard Grades

1. As a parent, click the arrow next to the applicable student, then click Standard Grades.

Standard Grades

As a student, click Standard Grades.


2. Click the applicable marking period, such as All Quarters.

Standard Grades displays the following columns: Course Number, Course, Grade, Standard, Description, Teacher, Comments, and Course History.

3. Click Comment Codes to view a legend of all possible comment codes.

4. Click the Excel icon to export the information to an Excel spreadsheet.

Standard Grades

5. Click Filters to further breakdown data.

a. To add more than one filter to a column, click on the green plus sign.

b. To delete an added filter, click on the red minus sign.

c. Select the gray arrow for more filtering options.

See Filters for more information.

6. Click the four arrowed icon to make the table full screen. Click the icon again to exit full screen.

7. Click any of the headers to sort data based on the column header clicked. Click once for ascending results; click twice for descending results.