Print 1098-T's

The Print 1098-T's module serves as a way to generate annual 1098-T forms and ensure applicable fees, tuition, and funding sources are indicated to make generation an easy and efficient process.

Printing 1098-Ts

You must have a recorded Social Security Number (SSN) in order to generate a 1098-T.

The calendar year that the money is received is the year that the monies will be listed in Box 5 of the 1098-T. If the money is applied the next calendar year, it will not appear on the 1098-T because it was included in the previous year’s 1098-T.

1. As a student, from the menu, click Print 1098-T’s.


2. Start by selecting the Year from which you’d like to pull data for your 1098-Ts. The Year will default to the current year.

Print 1098-Ts

3. Click Print Unofficial to print an unofficial copy of your 1098-T. The unofficial appears in Red and prints with an “unofficial” watermark.

4. Click Print Official to print an official 1098-T.

5. Click View to display Student 1098-T Information including Student ID, Student Name, etc.

Print 1098-T's