Magnet Application

Your district will make the Magnet Application available in the menu when the application timeframe is open. The contents of the application will vary depending on your district's setup. This document reviews the basic navigation of the application.

Completing the Magnet Application

1. In the menu, click the applicable student. Then click Magnet Application.

The menu option will include a school year, such as Magnet Application 2024, for the 2024 - 2025 school year. If there are multiple Magnet Application options in the menu, ensure you are clicking the application for the school year for which you are applying.


The application for your student is displayed. Some of the student fields at the top of the screen will be auto-populated based on the student's information in Focus.

Magnet Application 2023

2. The district may have included fields on the application that require your input. Complete these fields as needed.

3. In the Choose Programs section of the application, you will select a Choice option for the desired program(s), with 1 being the most desired program. The number of programs you are able to rank is determined by your district.

The programs available for selection may vary depending on eligibility criteria set by your district.

Magnet Application 2023

4. If the List Tours and Auditions Completed by Student section is included on the application, select the School, Type (Tour or Audition), and Date of the tour or audition.

5. Click Save to add the tour/audition. If needed, an additional tour/audition can be added using the blank row.

Magnet Application 2023

6. If the application contains the List siblings at applying schools section, enter the Sibling Full Name, the Sibling Birth Date, and if known, the Sibling Student ID.

7. Click Save to add the sibling. If needed, an additional sibling can be added using the blank row.

Magnet Application 2023

8. Uploading any supporting documents by either dragging the files from your computer into the file area, by clicking Select to select a file from your computer, or by clicking the scan icon to scan a file.

Magnet Application 2023

9. When finished with the application, click Save at the bottom of the application to submit the application, or click Save & Print to submit the application and generate a printable version of the application.

Magnet Application 2023

A message displays indicating the application was saved and submitted.