Grade Changes

The Grade Changes module allows parents to see recent grades entered as well as grade change requests made by teachers.

Viewing Grade Changes

1. From the My Child menu, click Grade Changes.

2. Upon navigating to the screen, you can first set the Report Timeframe. Set a From and To date from the month, day, and year pull-downs. You can also click the calendar icons to select a date.

3. Once a date has been set, click Go to update the data.

4. The student's courses will be listed in the Course section along with the student's current grade in the course in the Grade column.

5. For information on grade changes pertaining to a course, click the gray arrow in the first column (next to each course).

6. To export the listed courses and grade changes to an Excel spreadsheet, click the floppy disk icon located next to the number of courses.

7. To search for specific key words from within the displayed data, start typing the word in the Search text box then press the Enter key. To clear the search, delete the text and press Enter.

8. To make the screen fullscreen, click the expansion icon (four arrows). To shrink the screen back to its original size, click the expansion icon again.