Class Schedule

Viewing the Class Schedule

The Class Schedule screen is used to view the student schedule, export, or print the schedule. The student's schedule can be viewed in a course list or weekly planner format.

1. From the Portal, click Class Schedule.


2. Click Course List to view the Class Schedule in the corresponding format.

The Course List format displays the Course, Period - Teacher, Course Number, Section, Meetig Days, Room, Term, Enrolled date, and Dropped date (if applicable).

3. Click Print Schedule to print the class schedule.

Clicking Print Schedule generates a print preview screen. From this screen you have several options including, Rotate clockwise (circular arrow), Download as a PDF (down arrow), Print (printer icon), Bookmark, Fit to page (small inner arrows), Zoom in (plus sign), and Zoom out (minus sign). Click the X to close the window.

4. To view the schedule in a weekly planner format, click Weekly Planner.

Hover over a class for the start time of the class. The time in yellow on the right side displays the time as you move your mouse through the day.

5. To export the schedule to Excel, click the Export icon above the schedule.

Class Schedule

6. Click Send Messages to open Batch Messenger in order to send messengers to the selected teachers. See Messenger for more information.

Class Schedule

7. Click Customize Columns to customize the columns displayed in the student's Class Schedule. To remove a column from the schedule, click the column name in the Customize Columns pop-up. When clicked, a line will strikethrough the column indicating the column has been removed. To display the column again, click the header again. Click Save to apply changes and Cancel to keep the Class Schedule the same.

Class Schedule

If you hide a column from the schedule, the column will be hidden until it is re-selected in the Customize Columns pop-up.

8. If looking for specific information housed within the resulting data, type the information in the Search text box provided and press Enter.

9. Click the expansion icon (four arrows) to make the schedule full screen. Click the expansion icon (four arrows) again to remove full screen.

10. You can sort data by clicking on any of the headers. Click once for ascending results; click twice for descending results.