The Referrals screen is used to view discipline referrals submitted by teachers or administrators.

Viewing Referrals

1. As a student, click Referrals.

As a parent, click the down arrow next to the applicable student, then click Referrals.

The Referrals screen displays all referrals for the selected student, each referral in its own row. The columns display the referral information, including the Student name, Student ID, Grade level, the Reporter, the Incident Date, the Submission Date, and whether it was Processed. Scroll to the right to view additional referral columns. The information you are able to view will vary depending on your district.

2. Click on the student's name in the Student column to open detailed information pertaining to the referral.

The referral information is displayed on the screen. The referral information you are able to view on this screen will vary depending on your district.

3. To view the referral information in a different layout, click a layout option.

4. To print the referral, click the Print icon.

5. To view any student documentation that has been noted by teachers or administrators, click the i icon. The Student Documentation pop-up window will open.

Additional Features

1. The Referrals screen contains several different features, such as the Export section. To export the referral data to an Excel spreadsheet, click on the Excel icon in the Export section.

2. To print data, click on the Printer icon in the Export section.

3. Use the Filter feature to further breakdown data. Click on the word Filter so that it says ON.

Once enabled, you can begin filtering data. To add more than one filter to a column, click on the green plus sign. To delete an added filter, click on the red minus sign. Select the gray arrow for more filtering options.

4. You can also sort data by clicking on any of the headers. Click once for ascending results; click twice for descending results.

5. To change the amount of records displayed, click in the text field for Page Size. This is defaulted at 20 records a page. Enter the number of records you would like displayed per page and press Enter.

6. To hide certain columns on the screen, click Toggle Columns.

7. Deselect any of the columns you do not want to view on the screen.

8. Click the X to close the pop-up window when finished.