Use the Preferences module to customize the look and feel of the software. Everything from the heading colors to menu options are customizable.

Display Options

1. Click Preferences.


2. This navigates to the Preferences screen, which defaults to the Display Options tab where you have the ability to customize the appearance of Focus.


3. You first option is the Language; this defaults to English. For a different language, select the radio button next to the desired language. Note: The language will not change until you click the Save button to apply changes.

Options include Chinese, English, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Haitian Creole, Vietnamese, Russian, English (Canada), and Spanish.

4. The next option is the Highlight Color, which applies to menus, tabs, and headers. In the image shown, green has been chosen. Once saved, all menus, tabs, and headers will turn green; see the image shown for an example.

In the image shown below, the Highlight Color has been set to green.


5. Select how you want student names displayed on the Portal from the Portal Student Name Format pull-down. Note: If this setting is not available, your district has not enabled it to display, and the format of student names will display as determined by the district.


Displayed below is an example of the student information block on the Portal page when First name is selected from the pull-down.


6. You can choose how student information is displayed using the Student Info Layout pull-down. The options include One Column, Two Columns, and Three Columns. The default set up is one column. See the image for an example of two columns.


In the image shown below, the Student Info Layout has been set to Two Columns.

7. Select the Default Filters On check box so all filters are automatically turned on upon navigating to screens that contain the Filters feature.


8. Select how you want the date to display via the Date Format pull-downs. Choose whether you want the day of the week (Mon) to display. Choose how you want the month to display; options include April, Apr, and 04.. The options for the day include [0]06, 6, and 6th. If you want the year displayed, choose either 2020 or 20.


9. Once you select how you would like the date to display, you can select the format in which it displays, such as Month Day, Year or Day Month, Year.


10. Select the Enable Two Factor Authentication check box to require additional authentication upon logging into Focus via the Google Authenticator application. Clear the selected check box to remove this additional security feature.

11. When all selections have been made, be sure to click the Save button to apply changes made.

Password and Notifications

1. To change your Focus password, click on the Password tab. From here it is required that you enter the Current Password, the New Password, and Verify New Password.

The Password tab may not be available to all users. The ability to change your password here will not be available to district users who are utilizing Active Directory or Single Sign On.

2. When all entries have been made, be sure to click the Save button to apply changes made.

3. To set up your email notifications, click the Notifications tab.

4. Hover over the icon in the Status column for information regarding the status of your notifications.

5. Your name will be displayed in the Name column. If your email has been registered, it will display in the Email column. If you need to set up your email, enter it in the provided text box.

6. Upon setting up your Notifications, you can also set up the Frequency you receive selected notifications: Never, Daily, or Weekly.

7. Select the Summaries you would like emailed to you, such as Attendance, Discipline, Billing Fees, etc.

8. When all selections have been made and all information has been entered, click the Save button.

9. Once your email is saved, you will receive a confirmation email to verify the correct email address. In the email, select click here to verify link.

If the link is clicked after verification has already been completed, a message will display: Your email address has already been verified. This window will now close.