Forms Summary

The Forms Summary screen displays forms that are required for you to complete by your district or school, as well as forms that have been made available to you (optional forms) to complete.

Accessing Required Forms

If your district or school requires a form to be completed, a message will display when you log into the Portal along with a link to the form. You will not be able to access other screens in the Portal until the form is completed.

Click the Not yet started - Click to begin button to access the form.

Accessing Available Forms

If your district or school has set up optional forms for parents or students, then the forms will be located in the Forms Summary screen.

1. For students, click Forms Summary in the side-menu. For parents, click Forms Summary under the applicable student.



2. In the Available Forms section of the screen, click the link to the form.

Completing Forms

Once you click on the link to complete a required or available form, the form is displayed in Focus.

1. If the form contains multiple pages, click the Next Page and Previous Page buttons to navigate through the form.

2. Fill in all required fields. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.

You will not be able to proceed to the next page or submit the form without filling in the required fields. If you attempt to do so, a warning message will display.

Existing students will have fields populated from information in their student record in Focus. Changes can be made as needed.

3. To save the form to complete at a later time, click Save and Continue Later.

For required forms, you will not be able to access other screens in the Portal until the form is completed and submitted.

The form will be available for later completion in the Pending Forms section of the screen. Click the green button to continue. Click Cancel to cancel the form. The Cancel button is only available on available (optional) forms.

Forms Summary

4. When you are ready to submit the form, click Submit and Finish.

Completed forms will display in the Completed Forms section of the screen. For each form, the number of approved changes, denied changes, or changes pending administrator approval are indicated.

5. Click the View Changes button to view the requested changes to student information in a pop-up window.

Forms Summary