Version 2019.06.13.SURVEY45S

Focus School Software implemented a Florida State Reporting update, effective June 13, 2019.

If the survey is not specified, the change applies to all surveys.


End of Year - Modified the End of Year format to change the element “School Number, Current Enrollment” to not be a key field.

Student Course

  • Fixed an issue where a virtual schedule record would not pull if the student was taking the same course at a different institution during the same reporting period.
  • Now halves virtual grade credits if the record is non-course history and the credit value does not match the grade marking period.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate student course records would output for virtual inclusion schedule records.

Industry Cert Verification Report - Adjusted wording on edit 10 to bring it closer in line with the DOE.


WDIS AGE Student Course - Modified extract hour logic to allow other schedule records for the same section for the same student to count for the first attended days for the purposes of counting the number of days in the hour calculation.

WDIS AGE & CTE Verification Reports - Entry and Exit dates now display for all edits.


Extract Screen - Initial implementation of DQ2 Production Pilot for staff extracts.

  • Added custom field select options for the FASTER field “Migrant Birth State.”
  • Fixed an issue where the build process would not start if the prior build process failed.
  • Fixed an issue where the students not found in the system responses were not being sent causing tracker and edit file mismatches.
  • Fixed an issue where the sending institution for the request would just use the addressed institution for the institution student number, which would cause a duplicate issue in the not found responses.
  • Fixed an issue where creating outgoing transcripts using a search based on the first and last name fields created more transcripts than expected.
  • Fixed an issue with the transcript number check.
  • Fixed an issue related to SQL server database configuration in FASTER batch process.
  • Fixed issue for PostgreSQL databases where the processes would throw database errors.
  • Fixed an issue where the receive process would never run for large batches.
  • Fixed and issue with the SAT/ACT Process where the job wouldn't be processed by DOE due to mixed case passwords.
  • Added another check for batch response records count by parsing the build file after completion.

EOY Processing - Added a SQL Server bug fix for EOY Attendance.

Florida Reports Setup - Fixed an issue where a database error occurred for certain DOE files due to bad encoding.

K12 Extract Defaults - Added various updates to all formats to bring the report in line with the current state of the extracts.

Teachers In/Out of Field - Modified reconcile logic to not count teacher certifications with scope of “O” when checking the cert groupings for 3-digit CCD certs.


  • Fixed an issue where schedule totals were not displaying correctly in the schedule interface.
  • Fixed an issue where the industry cert date wasn't posting to Course History.
  • Fixed an issue where the industry certification code did not display for teachers printing class lists.
  • Modified WDIS AGE hour logic to allow other schedule records for the same section in the same survey period for the same student to count for the first attended days for the purposes of counting number of days.
  • Changed the name of “Days Absent (Not Discipline)” to “Days Absent (Unex Not Discipline)” to denote that the field counts unexcused absences not related to discipline on student enrollment records.

Pre-ID Extracts

  • Reworked Stanford10 extract for newer template.
  • Added a new pre-ID option to allow districts to include private school students in the extracts.
  • No longer pulls students for FCAT science if the same student is also taking the Biology EOC or has passed it previously.
  • Updated FSA Summer EOC for 18-19.

Survey Accuracy Reports

  • Restored the record count display for each report that was removed in the last update.
  • Added enrolled school to Virtual Course History Grades with No Matching Schedule to help identify students when viewing the report for all schools.

School Grade Scheduler Report - Fixed database error found during testing.

Verification Reports - Modified reports to always show the FLEID field for every rule rather than specific rules.

View Background Tables - Added new program that will allow all users with assigned permissions to view most state reporting background tables without having to use RunQuery.