Version 2019.10.04

Focus School Software implemented a Texas State Reporting update, effective October 9, 2019.

New items are marked as (**NEW**). All other items have been back-merged into the 2018.08.24 version.


TSDS Extracts

  • Unchecking “Select All” now unselects all extracts.
  • Now highlights each extract when hovering over with mouse.
  • Fixed an error on interchanges where second school enrollment records could not be matched up with primary enrollment records with both a status change withdrawal code and checkbox.
  • Modified applicable submission 1 extracts to prioritize enrollment records for students that were in grades 07-12 in the prior year over other prior year enrollment records with grade level EE-06 to match leaver logic.
  • Fixed so that records are properly combined if a student had a string of status change records and the grade ended up being different at one point.
  • Fixed grade level issue for status change enrollment lines.
  • PEIMS 19-20 changes. (**NEW**)
  • Fixed an issue with 9.1 discipline where the LOCAL reason codes did not pull correctly.

Education Organization - No longer outputs class period references for submission 6 (ECDS).

Master Schedule - Fixed Program Evaluation only pulling one digit instead of two.

PEIMS Exceptions Report - Fixed Overlapping CTE query pulling bogus (no enrollment record) schedule records.

Staff Association

  • Fixed an issue where co-teachers were pulling number of days/minutes weeks 1-4.
  • Modified Staff Responsibilities Monthly Minute calculation to sum the rotation day minutes rather than picking the highest rotation day.
  • Modified Staff Responsibilities Monthly Minute calculation by adding extra dates from Calendar Date Entries in Texas Reports Setup.
  • No longer pulls users marked as 'Exclude from PEIMS.'


  • No longer outputs prior year crisis codes as they are not valid for next school year.
  • No longer outputs a Star of Texas indicator code for non-PK students.
  • Modified how economic disadvantage indicator pulls based on wording in format documentation.
  • Fixed an issue where only active homeless status log records were pulling when instead it should be if a student was homeless at any point since the start of the school year.
  • Fixed an issue where the generation code was not pulling based on the case of the characters stored in the field.
  • Only pulls active TSTEM, ECHS, PTECH indicators as of the effective date in submission 4.

Student Attendance

  • Fixed an issue where the instructional track indicator was not outputting with two characters.
  • Fixed an issue where CTE attendance would not pull for sections with teacher history and no history record for the current teacher.

Student Enrollment

  • No longer outputs student attribution code of 12 for submission 1 if the student is not enrolled as of snapshot date.
  • Now outputs Campus ID of Enrollment under Student School Association for submission 3.

Student Program - Modified the extract to output the DISTRICT-OF-RDSPDSERVICE field as blank if the REG-DAY-SCH-PROG-DEAF-CODE is '0.'

Student Transcript - Modified how Course Catalog data values are pulled for course history only grade records.

TSDS Verification Reports

  • Reworked reports.
  • Added district verification overview to see who is running the reports.
  • Modified AcademicStatus type to add the Section504, POIIMetDate, CPRMetDate, and StarOfTexas fields.
  • Academic Status modified to use TSDS Section 504 log field.
  • Removed newer Section 504 drop-down.
  • Fixed an issue where elements Section504, POIIMetDate, CPRMetDate, and StarOfTexas were not pulling correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with military connected not pulling correctly on demographic element.
  • No longer pulls sections that do not pull grades.
  • Updated for 2019-2020.
  • No longer pulls grade records where the 'Exclude from TREx' checkbox is checked.
  • No longer outputs WithdrawGrade for TREx.
  • Fixed an issue related to Focus updater removing config file information.
Field Changes
  • Added an effective date log column to section 504 log field.
  • Added Expanded Learning Opportunity School and Student log fields.
  • Added new student field 'Home Language Survey Date' to General tab for TREx change.
  • Added 19-20 TSDS fields.
  • Added end dates to new special education fields and also included migrations for 19-20 Texas fields.
  • Added Dyslexia Risk student field.
  • Added 2019-2020 C214 codes for Post Secondary Certification Licensure.
  • Added computed fields for Focus API compatibility. Also added two new text fields, Birth Country & Birth Place.
  • Added codes 5 & 6 for Military Connected Student log field. (**NEW**)
  • Added code 5 to Primary and Secondary PK Funding log fields. (**NEW**)
  • Added code 07 to Campus Enrollment Type school field. (**NEW**)
  • Added codes 14 & 15 to Program Type Instructional Track under Texas Reports Setup. (**NEW**)
  • Added 'Programs of Study' to District Information under Texas Reports Setup. (**NEW**)
  • Added 'Gifted Talented Programs' to District Information under Texas Reports Setup. (**NEW**)
  • Added 'Dyslexia Services' student log field. (**NEW**)

Added a one-time script to populate new Special Education log fields from existing deprecated ARD/SPED log field.

ADA Report - Fixed database error related to PDO use.

C022 Table - Updated table with new values.

Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) Capture - Added new program to capture ELO student programs.


  • Re-named 'PK Program Evaluation' to 'Program Evaluation' for KG ECDS.
  • Added new 'Exclude from TREx' checkbox to grade records.
  • Focus 9.1 added Co-Teacher Start and End Date columns to interface; Removed duplicate information and migrated existing data to new columns.

PEIMS ID Process - Fixed an issue where the page would reload when clicking 'Select All' when selecting multiple students.

Precode Extracts

  • Added new fields for TELPAS, STAAR 3-8, & STAAR EOC.
  • Fixed header and current LEP indicator codes.
  • Modified the extract to no longer output 'O' for the test version fields if the value is blank.
  • Modified the extract to no longer output any values for students not in grades 03-05 for the Online Test Language fields.
  • Modified the extract to no longer output any values for students with Test Format of 'P' for Online Test Language, Online Test Group Name, and Test Version Code fields.
  • No longer outputs 'Online Test Language' fields not applicable for the 4-7 Writing and 5-8 Reading & Math extracts.
  • No longer outputs test version code of 'M' on STAAR tests that are not applicable.
  • Fixed an issue where Online Test Lang. Writing was outputting a zero instead of a blank for STAAR 4/7 Precode Extract.

Process Assessments - Expanded EOC tests to grade level 07.

Schools List - Updated list with latest file available from TEA.

Student Attendance Reports - Added signature lines on pages after campus/reporting periods.

TEA Reports

  • No longer splits results summary up by reporting periods if a date range is used.
  • Added signature lines on pages after campus/reporting periods.

Unique ID Process - Fixed an issue where the page would reload when clicking 'Select All' when selecting multiple students.

UniqueID Enrollment Tracking

  • Fixed a database error encountered when updating an existing tracker record.
  • If a status change enrollment record was previously sent via unique ID, the record is pulled up again even if the status change checkbox and drop code are populated.
  • Now sends delete records for enrollment records in Focus that have been deleted in the database.
  • No longer sends/tracks enrollment records that have an end date before the start date.
  • Added calendar IDs to tracking table as well to account for changes to the enrollment record calendar that may affect the withdrawal date records.
  • Fixed an issue where an extra entry date was being sent for deleted enrollment lines that had both start and end dates.
  • Fixed an issue where 2017 records were being pulled.
  • Fixed grade level issue for status change enrollment lines.