Version 2019.10.04.SURVEY2

Focus School Software implemented a Florida State Reporting update, effective October 9, 2019.

Note: Please update to this version before submitting survey 2.

If the survey is not specified, the change applies to all surveys. New items that have not been back-merged into previous versions are marked as (**NEW**).


DOE Extracts - Now excludes schools 9992 & 9001 for surveys 6 & 8.


  • Now only pulls grade levels 03-12 for survey 8.
  • Modified how McKay students are pulled to match ESE logic (plan date within current or previous fiscal year).

Discipline - Now pulls students enrolled primarily in homeschool.

Dropout Prevention - Fixed an issue where students enrolled primarily in a summer school only were not pulling prior DOP records.

End of Year

  • No longer pulls school 9992.
  • Now pulls students that ended the year in school 9995 but with their prior school instead.
  • Modified how McKay students are pulled to match ESE logic (plan date within current or previous fiscal year).
  • Fixed issue where the withdrawal date did not match the Prior School format.
  • Now prioritizes non-McKay enrollment records over McKay records for students that were enrolled in both during the same time frame to better match Prior School format.

Exceptional Student

  • Now outputs school numbers N998, N999, and 3518 in survey 5.
  • Modified logic to prioritize regular school year enrollment records in survey 5.
  • Now pulls 3518 students if the plan date is within the current or previous fiscal year.

Fed State Evaluation - Modified output sort order for 'Federal/State Project - Support Services' to match DOE sort order as prior sort order was causing change records in batches.

Fed/State Indicator

  • Modified the logic for determining if a student has an ESE record when deciding what to output for the 504 field.
  • No longer pulls school 9992.
  • Modified how McKay students are pulled to match ESE logic (plan date within current or previous fiscal year).
  • Fixed an issue where McKay students were not being pulled.

Industry Certification

  • Now outputs 'Industry Certification Date Earned' as '00000000' if the 'Industry Certification Outcome' is 'F.'
  • Fixed an issue where invalid records were pulled based on invalid data on schedule/grade records.
  • Added new field to Industry Certification student log field, 'Career and Professional Academy Identifier' that will pull for the extract.

Prior School

  • No longer automatically outputs a 'ZZ' code for element 'Prior School/Location: Country.'
  • No longer pulls school 9992.

Student Assessment - Added test level for subject code G5 on the IBP test.

Student Course

  • Modified logic to account for new 'Alternate Date Certain' school and section fields. (**NEW**)
  • Fixed an issue where a section was not treated as charter virtual if the section district and school number fields were not populated.
  • No longer pulls enrollment records for grades 30 & 31.
  • Modified sort order priority for displaying virtual grades in survey 4.
  • Fixed an issue where the course grade would not reflect the proper course if the student had multiple instances of the same 7-digit course number.

Student Transcript - No longer pulls records for students enrolled out of district.

Transportation - Modified latest enrollment sort order for surveys 1 & 4.

Industry Certification Verification Report - Updated edit 29 to account for extract logic.

SESIR Verification Report

  • Fixed an issue where the code labels did not output correctly for certain elements.
  • Fixed an issue where select multiple fields were not queried against successfully in Focus 9.1+.
  • Fixed an issue where involvement type wasn't displaying correctly for edit 60.

Student Course Verification Report

  • Fixed an issue where 2M was being incorrectly flagged for some students.
  • Removed edit 4H.

Teacher Course Verification Report

  • Modified edit F1 to no longer output an error if the schedule FEFP IS NULL.
  • Fixed issue with edits relating to teacher SSN.

Updated extracts for the 19-20 school year.

WDIS Adult Test - The TABE Test Form Score Type scores will now be treated as an alphanumeric score.

WDIS AGE & CTE Student Course

  • No longer pulls records based on completion point code dates if the completion point code is missing or 'Z.’
  • Now pulls prior year schedule records for OCP & LCP values with date earned during the window.
  • Modified how AGE LCP fields are output and how they are pulled in subsequent surveys.

WDIS AGE Student Course - Modified attended hours rounding according to DOE TAP. Threshold hours less than 1 hour get rounded up; threshold hours less than 10 get rounded down.

WDIS Supplemental Information

  • Fixed an issue where current reporting year students were pulling for AGE Diploma codes.
  • Modified Diploma Type logic to ensure that the prior year schedules are AGE and the current year schedules checked for can be either AGE or CTE.
  • Fixed an issue where a student would not pull if the district opted to pull survey F from the prior school year and the student was not enrolled in the further previous school year.

WDIS AGE Student Course Verification Report - Fixed issue with edit 80 pulling all records.

WDIS Supplemental Information Verification Report

  • Modified edit 23 to allow for diploma dates as early as 04/15 per DOE.
  • Updated edit 10 for 19-20 school year.

Removed DQ2 Staff Production Pilot and converted to DQ2 Production & Preflight setups like WDIS.

  • Corrected an issue where the FASTER batch checks that run ahead of every process were not evaluating correctly.
  • Added in a constraint for the receive process to not run unless the prior send process was run greater than 60 minutes ago. This is to give time to FASTER DOE processes to create the necessary files.
  • Further reduced outgoing transcript cap from 7500 to 6000 to lower file size of transcript file sent to DOE.
  • Modified import process to check for school field 'FASTER Import Priority.’ This field allows a district to set an import school for importing and comparing records coming from FASTER.
  • Fixed database error in FASTER caused by Focus 9.1+ discipline changes.
  • Fixed a database error for AutoCalcGPA running after courses are imported into student report card grades.
  • Users are no longer able to search or create transcripts for students enrolled at a school marked as 'Exclude from State Reporting.'
  • Fixed an issue where if a student wasn't migrant, a Z wasn't being output.
  • Fixed an issue with compatibility with Focus 9.1+.
  • Fixed PDF error when printing tests tab on incoming transcripts.
  • Fixed an issue where a database error would occur for certain users when generating an outgoing transcript.
  • Fixed an issue where a data exception error could occur on the DOE end when generating an edit report if the Career and Academy Identifier element was invalid.
  • Fixed the 'Save & Resend' button when fixing header errors.
  • Fixed an issue where the Discipline Incident Type did not output.
  • Fixed an issue with FASTER send request verification process.
  • Updated Florida Polytechnic University SPEEDE number.
Field/Table Changes
  • Added 'LA' code to 'English Language Learners, PK-12' student field if it hadn't been already added before for 19-20.
  • Added new 'Alternate Date Certain' fields to schools and sections. (**NEW**)
  • Added WHP drop code if it did not exist. Setting max school year to 2018 for drop code WPR.
  • Added new language codes to 'Primary Language Spoken in Home' and 'Native Language, Student' student fields if not yet created.
  • Added new school checkbox field labeled 'FASTER Import Priority'. This field allows a district to set an import school for importing and comparing records coming from FASTER.
  • Updated Primary Home Language alias for API support.
  • Industry Certification Student Log Field: Enabled new SYEAR column for use in interface. Also fixed issue where some certs wouldn't pull in the extracts.
  • Updated DOE appendices for 2019-2020 school year.
  • WDIS Background appendices updated for 2019-2020.
  • Added Industry Certifications for 2019 from 2018 to background table until DOE releases official list of certifications.
  • The Survey Total Hours schedule record columns are now rounded to two decimal places in the Focus interface.
  • Fixed an issue for WDIS Survey Hours for AGE courses not calculating correctly in the schedule screen in Focus if multiple schedules for the same AGE program shared the same period.
  • Removed virtual provider for 19-20 and above: 301 - Florida Connections Academy, LLC - Grades KG-05
  • Updated background table for Florida Appendix DD.
  • Increased schedule record Daily Class Hours max length to 7 in Focus interface.
  • Increased section record Daily Class Hours max length to 7 in Focus interface.
  • Updated prior country codes for 19-20.
  • Added new field to Industry Certification student log field 'Career and Professional Academy Identifier' that will pull for the extract.

Class Size Report

  • Modified logic to account for new 'Alternate Date Certain' school and section fields. (**NEW**)
  • Fixed date certain in Class Size Report.

Download DOE & Error Reports - Fixed an issue where the SESIR validation file would not push to school folders.

DMV Attendance

  • Added a confirmation prompt when a user hits the 'Submit to District' and 'Submit via FTP' buttons.
  • Fixed an issue when a user first downloaded the DMV file and then clicked either 'Submit to District' or 'Submit via FTP' where the file would be downloaded again.

Enrollment Discrepancies - Added logic to prevent a valid future enrollment from displaying as an error.

EOY Processing - No longer updating bonus FTE fields if the calculated value is not greater than Zero.


  • Modified report to pull district-wide attendance rather than the current school.
  • Fixed a database error that would occur if the discipline & attendance school year was different than the user's current school year.
  • Added three new categories: Number of Students Enrolled, Retained Current Year, and Retained Two or More Times.
  • Added retained columns on student detail lists.
  • Fixed title of retained detail lists.
  • Added a 'Total' column on the summary page for each of the various indicators and a link to a student detail page.

FLEID Processes - Implemented an optional export record limit if district only wants to export a set number of records for FLEID verification.

Florida Reports Setup - Fixed a database error when importing the 'Third Grade FCAT/FSA ELA Level 1 File.'

FTE Summary Reports (Breakdown) - Fixed a database error that would occur when a district’s local ID wasn't numeric.

FTE Null Students

  • Added grade level column.
  • Added a column to list courses and sections that are being nulled.

Teachers In/Out of Field - Modified update process to list an out of field reason if the teacher gets flagged as having no certificate number.

K12 Extract Field Defaults

  • Updated reading intervention to reflect changes in the extract.
  • Updated industry cert date earned logic.
  • Updated logic for Career and Professional Academy Identifier.

Pre-ID Extracts

  • Added new combined FSA Fall EOC & ELA/Writing Retake extract.
  • Updated Fall NGSSS EOC Retake Extract for 2019-2020.
  • Fixed an issue in the FSA Fall Pre-ID Extract where students were pulling incorrectly for FSA ELA Retake.
  • Added the FSA Winter Writing Field Test Pre-ID Extract.
  • Modified the FSA Fall & Winter Extracts to no longer output 504 indicator if ESE is other than L or blank.
  • Modified Winter FSA Writing Field Test Pre-ID Extract to output the 'ELA Writing Test Indicator' as a 'P' for students in grade levels 04-06 by default instead of an 'E.'
  • Changed FSA Writing Field Test downloadable file name and implemented a sort order by school and grade.

Process Assessments

  • Fixed an issue where students with cohorts before 2018-2019 who took SAT4 after 03/2016 were being incorrectly identified as meeting the Reading Graduation requirement based on the Reading Subtest subject code.
  • Slight language adjustment for FCAT/FSA tab.

School Grade Accuracy Reports

  • Fixed an issue where industry certs were only showing if the ‘All Schools’ option was selected.
  • Adjusted logic of how industry certs are identified to be closer to what the extract uses.
  • Fixed an issue where select students weren't pulling.

Survey Accuracy Reports

  • Fixed an issue where Virtual schedules with no matching CH grades could return zero results.
  • Modified how virtual schedules are identified.
  • Added additional middle school PE course numbers.
  • Updated access courses for elm students with less than 150 mins of PE.
  • Added a checkbox to show students if they have one or more schedule records without a 130 FEFP.
  • Fixed an issue where a student could be incorrectly identified as Intermittent Hospital Homebound.
  • Updated therapy courses to match CCD.

WDIS Extract Field Defaults - Updated for 19-20.

WDIS Total Hours - Updated process to also update the survey days columns on the schedule records as well.