Version 2020.01.17.SURVEY3W

Focus School Software implemented a Florida State Reporting update, effective January 23, 2020.

If the survey is not specified, the change applies to all surveys. New items that have not been back-merged into previous versions are marked as (**NEW**).


Excluded school 3900 from all extracts except demographic, student course, and teacher course per DOE.

Discipline Extract

  • Fixed an issue where SQL Server was outputting a scrambled incident ID.
  • Now excludes merged referrals.

End of Year Extract- Modified logic in extract and verification rules 09 & 3C for new Diploma Type codes of W61, W62, and W63.

Fed State Indicator- Fixed an issue where McKay logic was not correct for surveys 2 & 3.

Generate FES Extracts- Added interface for district to upload FES District EPS files into Focus to be processed for re-submission to DOE.

SESIR Extract- Removed logic that was replacing C with N for reported to law enforcement.

Student Course

  • Fixed an issue where the PK-03 FTE was off for school 3900.
  • Fixed an issue where the school numbers output was incorrect for school 3900.
  • Implemented schedule inclusion details changes for the addition of Reading Intervention, FEFP, and ELL Instructional Model.
  • Fixed an issue where FTE wasn't exactly .5 for 3518 or 3900 if using scale FTE to days in term.

Transcript Extract- No longer pulling courses that begin with 'ZZZ' for transcript.

Discipline Verification Report -Fixed an issue where the Action Code values were displaying as numeric values related to Focus 9.1+.

SESIR Verification Report- Fixed an issue where the Action Code values were displaying as numeric values related to Focus 9.1+.

Student Course Verification Report

  • Updated edits 19 and 42 to handle new FES 3900 School.
  • Corrected an issue some districts were having where the report did not complete loading.
  • Fixed an issue where school of enrollment 3900 would show as false errors for various edits.

Verification Reports

  • Added a user profile permission to hide the lunch status code when enabled.
  • Updated edits across various formats based on DOE changes for 10/11 & 10/18.
  • Added permissions for each individual verification report so the district has control of which users/profiles have access to specific verification reports.

WDIS AGE Student Course Extract

  • Modified logic to output the date of first attendance (if it exists) as the entry date element rather than the schedule start date.
  • Fixed an issue where the fiscal year split section rename logic applied to surveys W & S.
  • Fixed an issue where fiscal split records had incorrect entry date with respect to the date of first attendance.
  • Fixed an issue where completion point codes were not being reported all the time for schedule records that were combined for reporting purposes.
  • Fixed an issue where hours would be zero for AGE students in surveys G & X.

WDIS CTE Student Course Extract- Fixed an issue where completion point codes were not being reported all the time for schedule records that were combined for reporting purposes.

WDIS Demographic- Added new field AGE Income Status to extract and edits 42 & 43.

WDIS AGE Student Course Verification Report- Added edit 59.

WDIS End of Term Verification Reports- Updated for mid-year changes.

WDIS Supplemental Information Verification Reports- Updated for mid-year changes.

  • FASTER files are now stored in uploaded assets rather than within the codebase of Florida_Reports.
  • Updated FASTER manual links for 19-20.
  • Now updates the imported column for test_history_administrations when importing test data.
  • Modified course process to output FL' for district where credit earned if it can be determined if the school number is a private school on the private school MSID file.
  • No longer blanking graduation subject if the record has a 'W' for one of the course flags.
  • Fixed an issue where requests with missing record type would be pulled/created.
  • Fixed an issue where the logs did not display under Reports & Logs -> Log Files.
  • Updated list of tests that get exported with latest appendix from DOE.
  • Updated Florida Reports for Focus 10.0 Menu Compatibility. **NEW**
  • Added permissions migrations for Focus 10.0+ **NEW**

Updated Florida Reports for PHP version 7.0 compatibility.

Updated Appendix G for deleted/changed codes.

Updated Appendix Y background table.

Fixed an issue where the warning icon did not display for clients on certain Focus versions across multiple programs.

Added codes W61, W62, and W63 to 'Diploma Type' student field if they did not already exist.

Added Student Enrollment Drop and Diploma Type Codes W61, W62, & W63 if they did not already exist in the system.

Updated student field 'FSA Test Accommodations' log field 'Paper-Based Accommodations' option 'O' for 'One-Item-Per-Page' to code 'I' instead as Pre-ID extracts expect that code.

Class Size Report

  • Fixed a bug that caused students with secondary enrollment records to not pull correctly into class size counts.
  • Fixed an issue with the Core vs Non-Core class student counts comparison that would occur if a given student was scheduled multiple times in the same room, period, and course.

Cohort Reports- Updated reports for 2019.

Generate DOE Extracts- Fixed an issue where extra characters would come in from DQ2 D-File causing extra lines in downloaded batch file.

Download DOE & Error Reports

  • Added support for new file names for F70844 Reading Intervention Report.
  • Added files F71156 and F70480 to be available for download.
  • Fixed an issue where file F71000 would not correctly push to school folders.
  • Updated filename for Postsecondary CAPE Bonus Funding.

FLEID Processes

  • Modified export process to output non-numeric student local IDs left justified with trailing spaces.
  • Modified export process to change SSN number to spaces if the SSN is nine zeros.
  • Fixed an issue where a user was not able to download a file from FLEID server a second time.

Florida Reports Setup- Added new district option 'WDIS - Disable AGE 30 Day Schedule Validation' for use in the schedule interface.

FTE Summary Reports (Breakdown)

  • Fixed an issue where the print PDF did not pull results when the current school shares a DOE school number in Focus.
  • Fixed an issue where a report would return no data when viewing a split school.
  • Fixed an issue where school 3900 would not display correctly on PDF.
  • Fixed an issue where results would not show for school 3900.
  • Fixed an issue where the PK-03 FTE modifier was applied to students enrolled in schools 3518 & 3900.
  • Fixed an issue where district summary total FTE wasn't matching the total sum of the FTE summary by school.
  • Fixed issue with PDF not displaying for Student Funding Record reports.

FTE Null Students- Fixed an issue where an exception would occur when clicking on a student link to schedules if the local student ID was alphanumeric.

Teachers In/Out of Field

  • Updated background table for certification groups based on DOE file F62059.
  • Modified required dual cert logic for select districts.
  • Modified logic to check scope of ESE certification for courses with dual requirements for select districts.
  • Fixed an issue where the grade level check against a certification level did not evaluate correctly.


  • Updated wording of Adult Fee Status options based on DOE.
  • Added element 'Dual Enrollment Student Type' to Course Catalog, Courses & Sections, and Master Schedule Report.

Pre-ID Extracts

  • Fixed a database error in ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Pre-ID Extract caused by missing date certain entry.
  • Updated the Winter NGSSS and FSA EOC Pre-ID Extracts for the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Fixed a bug with the NGSSS Winter EOC Pre-ID extract where prior year schedules would not pull.
  • Modified FSA EOC extracts to account for newer Algebra I concordance scores.
  • Updated ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Pre-ID Extract for 2019-2020.
  • Added new extract for FSA Spring WRM & EOC.
  • Fixed issue where ACCESS for ELLs could prioritize a student's second school enrollment over the students primary enrollment.
  • Added FSA Spring ELA & EOC Retake Extract for the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Modified ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 to no longer outputting a value for Paper Tier for KG student.

Process Assessments

  • SA4 subject code: HL will now be considered as a concordant score for students with an administration date of 2016-03-01 and beyond.
  • Removed wording referencing FCAT tests. **NEW**

School Grade Scheduler Reports- Fixed an issue where the report wasn't flagging elementary intensive reading courses.

Survey Accuracy Reports

  • Fixed an issue where a therapy course was not being identified correctly.
  • Added course number 1501300 as valid PE course for Middle School.
  • No longer pulls any records if there are no O-file records when running the report 'Student Course Records (Missing From Ofile)'.
  • Split I, H, C, & O exceptionalities off into their own reports from therapy reports.
  • Adjusted special skills courses.
  • Added a new report to identify industry cert log records with a date earned that is missing or outside the range of the survey 5 window.
  • Adjusted Ind Cert Date report to clarify the field in error is Date Reported (LOG_FIELD9).
  • Fixed an issue where some date formats would get incorrectly flagged as errors.
  • Updated industry cert date report to also look at date earned.
  • Now hiding survey select box on reports it doesn't apply to.
  • Added an error message for Ind Certs with Bad Dates report if no survey dates are defined.
  • Added marking period to both virtual reports.

Survey - Production Discrepancies- Fixed a database connection reset error.