Version 2020.07.10.SURVEY1F

Focus School Software implemented a Florida State Reporting update, effective July 13, 2020.

If the survey is not specified, the change applies to all surveys. New items that have not been back-merged into previous versions are marked as (*NEW*).

2020 - 2021 School Year Changes (*NEW*)
  • Modified extracts and verification reports for 2020-2021 school year.
  • Removed 'Student Identifier, Florida' and 'Student Identifier, Florida - Alias' from all extracts and reports.
  • Updated verification reports for the various field additions and removals.
  • Added Discipline Incident fields 'Incident, Vaping-Related' and 'Incident, Setting’.
  • Added DOP Program code 'T'.
  • Added Drug Description code 'P'.
  • Added Exceptionalities X - Language Therapy (Other) & Y - Speech Therapy (Other).
  • Added Homelessness Cause code 'P'.
  • Added Withdrawal Codes W3D & W3E.
  • Added Reading Intervention Component code 'C'.
  • Added Online Course Providers 318 and 319.
  • Teachers In/Out of Field logic modified to require Reading Endorsement if section contains Tier 3 Reading Intervention students.
  • Appendices for 2020-2021 are available to download through Florida Reports Setup.
  • Added field 'Adult Test Name' to Course Catalog, Course Sections, and Schedule.
  • Added schedule fields 'Adult Ed Functioning Level, Final (Listening ESOL/ELCATE)' and 'Adult Ed Functioning Level, Final (Reading ESOL/ELCATE)'.

End of Year Extract - Fixed an issue where the adult students with a W60 diploma code were not pulling correctly.

Student Course Extract

  • No longer considers students in grades 9-12 with zero credits earned as failing the course and resulting in zero FTE.
  • The 'Semester Content' fields now factor when pulling and linking schedule vs grade records in Survey 4 if district option is set.

Student Course Transcript Verification Report - Fixed an issue where spaces in the database for the element 'Course Number, Substituted' would result in edit errors.


WDIS AGE Schedule Extract

  • Changed logic for Voc Gen Ed, Disability to only fall back to the student disability field if their schedule field is NULL/empty.
  • Modified program queries for performance.

WDIS CTE Schedule Extract - Changed logic for Voc Gen Ed, Disability to only fall back to the student disability field if their schedule field is NULL/empty.

WDIS Demographic Extract - Modified the element 'First-Time Student Indicator' to pull from the student enrollment record if populated over the student demographic field.

WDIS End Of Term Extract - Set the Grade Level field to be considered as a key field.

WDIS AGE Schedule Verification Report

  • Added edit 92.
  • Fixed an issue where users were receiving false errors for edits looking at CTE/Adult General Education, Disability Student.

WDIS CTE Schedule Verification Report

  • Added F as a valid code for edit 41.
  • Fixed an issue where users were receiving false errors for edits looking at CTE/Adult General Education, Disability Student.

WDIS Demographic Verification Report - Edit 43 incorrectly listed AGE, Income Status as Adult High School Diploma.


  • Corrected an issue where a course record could be imported again over and over for a given school year and term if the credit values were mismatched in Focus and the incoming transcript.
  • Fixed an issue where the grad subject was blank for a course history record with a course flag of '9'.
  • Modified course import process to ensure null values are imported if the incoming response has no value or all spaces for course history records.
  • Re-enabled future year enrollment when pulling demographic information for importing transcripts but now prioritizing the default school year. (*NEW*)
  • Now outputting GPA fields based on the Focus GPA Rounding preference to match more closely with what is displayed in Focus.

Added translations for marking period short name of 'SSS' to DOE code 'S'.


  • Added program 'I46054R' for cost reporting codes '371' and '372' in WDIS Appendix G background table ahead of DOE change.
  • Added certs for 2020 from 2019 until DOE releases official list of certs.

EOY Processing - Now validates Bonus FTE against crosswalk table. (*NEW*)

EWS Report

  • Removed MTSS button links if SSS is not enabled on the site.
  • Fixed an issue where the upper header columns mismatched the lower header columns on student lists.

Florida Reports Setup - Added checkbox option labeled 'Check semester content when pulling and comparing virtual schedules and grades in survey 4'.


  • Fixed exception error on Course History screen.
  • Fixed and issue where the 2nd & 3rd ind cert date wasn't posting to the student’s grade record.
  • Added student enrollment field 'WDIS First-Time Student Indicator'.
  • Fixed an issue where Dual Enrollment Student Type was not being pushed down to the schedule from the section.

Pre-ID Extracts

  • Modified Summer EOC Pre-ID Extract to no longer output a 504 status if the student also has an exceptionality (Not L) outputting.
  • Modified Summer EOC Pre-ID to account for recent PSAT SQ vs SG subject code changes in Process Assessments.

Process Assessments

  • Modified logic to only pull PSAT subject code of 'SG' if the test history part short name is 'PSATMATH'.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of students updated for the selected cohort by the FSA ELA update process did not show correctly in the interface.
  • No longer pulls subject code 'GJ - English Language Arts (ELA)' for use when calculating the average ACT concordant score.

School Grade Accuracy Reports - Fixed an issue where a student primarily enrolled in homeschool didn't pull their industry cert.

School List Setup

  • Fixed an issue where school entries did not appear for out-of-state or country "districts".
  • Added school 9900 for out of state schools where it doesn't currently exist.

Survey Accuracy Reports - Fixed an issue where virtual course records could be identified incorrectly.

Verification Report Usage Programs - Fixed an issue where no extracts would show when user first loaded page.