Version 2020.10.09.SURVEY2

Focus School Software implemented a Florida State Reporting update, effective October 9, 2020.

If the survey is not specified, the change applies to all surveys. New items that have not been back-merged into previous versions are marked as **NEW**.


Demographic Extract - Fixed an issue where students could be duplicated for survey 8 if PMRN was marked on a section that was also marked as inclusion.

End of Year - Fixed an issue where adult students would not pull based on Diploma Code if the student was still active on student enrollment.

English Language Learners

  • Now pulls Homeschool students in survey 5.
  • Added WIDA Remote Screener as a valid ELL test.

Exceptional Student - Fixed issue where 'School Number, Enrollment' would output as a '1'.

Fed/State Eval - Changed Support Services sort priority to match DOE.

Student Course Extract

  • Modified so that High School virtual courses get FTE based on credits. High School courses are checked through the CCD.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in more than intended carried over DJJ added days if the school had multiple calendars set for the DJJ school.

Student Transcript

  • Fixed an issue where a 7th or 8th grade record could fail to pull when properly flagged.
  • Now upper-casing course grade to match o-file to prevent false magic batch records.

Demographic Verification Report - Fixed edit 63 column heading for Student Age.

Discipline Verification Report - Adjusted edits 09 & 2F.

English Language Learners Verification Report

  • Added additional columns to edits 23 & 35 to help better identify tests in error.
  • Updated edits 22, 33, 42, & 51 according to DOE Database Manual Update.

Exceptional Student Verification Report

  • Adjusted placement status logic to match how it is output in the extract.
  • Adjusted edit 11 to treat NULL values as zeros.

SESIR Verification Report

  • Adjusted edit 06.
  • Fixed database error the was happening on a small number of sites.
  • Updated edit 07 to exclude Incident, Type values of 'HSN'. **NEW**

Student Course Verification Report

  • Added I as a valid code for edit 4B.
  • Removed edit 2N per DOE change.
  • Added edit 4H.
  • Added edit 65 according to DOE Database Manual Update.

Teacher Course Verification Report - Adjusted edit 11 to flag Teacher SSN's with all zeros as an error.


WDIS AGE Student Course

  • Modified first attended check to not apply to records that were split based on fiscal year.
  • No longer applies date of first attendance constraint when the district option to disable AGE threshold is active.

WDIS CTE Student Course - Fixed an issue where the 'Dual Enrollment Student Type' could output as blank for Survey F.

WDIS Demographic Extract - Removed key field designation for School of Instruction/Service.

WDIS End of Term Extract

  • Removed key field designation for School of Instruction/Service.
  • Modified extract to account for the grade level 'conditional key field'.

WDIS Supplemental Info

  • Fixed an issue where students were not pulling for prior year diploma codes if orphan schedule records existed in the current year.
  • Excludes schedule records marked as 'Exclude from FTE' when checking schedule records for students with diplomas.

WDIS AGE Student Course Verification Report

  • Fixed edits 59 & 60 for ESOL Functioning Levels.
  • Updated edit 31 based on changes from DOE.
  • Fixed an issue with edit 54 where certain records would be evaluated as having zero hours in the extract but not verification report.
  • Fixed issue with edit 32 and also updated other edits based on changes DOE has made.
  • Fixed an issue where edit 54 did not properly account for District Option to apply a ceiling function to the instructional hours field.
  • Modified output of the section class start and end date values to be standardized with same format.
  • Updated edit 08 based on changes made by DOE.

WDIS CTE Student Course Verification Report

  • Updated edit 55 for 2020-2021 school year.
  • Adjusted edits 19 & 38 to include 06-12 instead of 09-12 to match DOE edits.

WDIS End of Term Verification Report - Updated edits based on recent DOE changes.

WDIS Supplemental Information Verification Report - Added industry certification ID column to report.

  • Added Vision and Hearing screening & status fields for any district that may be missing them. Also set those fields as system if a district currently has the fields on their site.
  • Fixed a bug that caused aging report records in the database to have null date times.
  • Fixed an issue where no incoming transcripts would display without checking all schools when there were trailing spaces for school and district fields.
  • Fixed database error that occurred when attempting to import course records for a student that is not enrolled in a Florida reportable school.
  • Fixed issue where NC grade subject wasn't being output for elementary courses.

Added FEFP Cost Factors for 2020-2021.

Added Discipline Incident Type code of 'HSN'.

Bonus FTE Student Detail

  • Added report that will help districts identify which test parts are counting towards a student's total FTE value calculated by EOY Processing.
  • Added FTE detail validation checkbox to enable the calculation of FTE using the crosswalk if the district is also using that same option to calculate the bonus FTE on EOY Processing.
  • Added a teacher column to the report.

Class Size Scheduled Job - Fixed a bug where the rotation days option was not checked against correctly.

DMV Process - Fixed an issue where the syear was not properly being updated/set on the log field.

DOE Extract Upload - Modified program to use DQ2 for WDIS and Staff.

DOE Extracts - Added support for extracts with DQ2 'Conditional Key Fields'.

Download DOE & Error Reports

  • Added F71450 Student Course Record Full-Time Equivalent Student Data.
  • Added F71408 to the list of available reports.

EOY Processing - Added a checkbox that when selected will validate schedules against the EOY Bonus FTE Crosswalk.

EWS Report

  • Split Level 1 Test Indicator into separate ELA and Math indicators.
  • Split out failing ELA and Math grade indicators.
  • Fixed database error when SSS is enabled but no programs were defined.

FLEID Processes

  • Added new tab 'Export FLEID (Search)' which enables the user to search for specific students (or users with systems with ERP) and export only the selected students (or users) in the subsequent search results screen.
  • Fixed an issue on the Export FLEID (Search) tab for districts with finance installed where the drop-downs for student/user fields did not appear correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where FLEID would fail to export on select sites with ERP/Staff enabled.
  • Added functionality for review file process. Please note this new feature only will appear for select districts participating in the beta.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple select fields used in the Export Search Screen tab did not correctly apply to search results.
  • Added separate source indicator for Staff from K-12 Students so users can send them separately.
  • Now displays an error message when a user attempts to download/send a file through search results screen without selecting any records.
  • Export limit now also applies to staff records.

Florida Reports Setup

  • Fixed an issue where certain CTE Program File records were not stored in the database correctly.
  • Fixed issue where Appendix L wouldn't import for year 20-21.
  • Updated Appendix CC background tables for 20-21 school year.
  • Added 'Alternate Membership' tab for districts to set alternate membership surveys for specific schools in certain surveys. Extracts have been updated to accommodate. **NEW**

FTE Summary - Updated for the 2020 BSA.

Generate McKay Extracts - Fixed an issue where the FTP process would fail if the user’s current school did not have a district number set.

Teachers In/Out Field Report

  • Added new column labeled 'Tier 3 Reading Intervention Students' to indicate the number of Tier 3 Reading Intervention students so district can identify if the missing reading endorsement would be related to new Tier 3 requirement.
  • Added a new permission option to hide the reconcile button.
  • No longer requires ASD endorsement for 100% case load for Access Music, Art, and PE courses.
  • No longer equates a scope of 'P' to be a Certification/Licensure Status of 'P'.


  • Fixed an issue where the Adult Test Name schedule field could not be updated through the Master Schedule Report or on the Course Section page.
  • Added max length values of '3' for the Florida Days Present, Absent, and Absent Unexcused Not Related to Discipline Student Enrollment fields.
  • Added 310 to Virtual Instruction Providers.
  • Removed 312 from Online Course Providers.
  • Added AGE Institutional Setting, EOC Exam Term, & Exempt from Total Clock Hours to be able to sync from the section to the schedule.
  • Added option 'I' to 'Location of Student' fields on sections, schedules, and grades.
  • Fixed a bug where WDIS Survey Days/Hours fields were not calculating correctly for sites on newer php version.

Pre-ID Extracts

  • Added the Fall EOC and ELA Retake Pre-ID Extract for 2020-2021 school year.
  • Modified the Fall EOC and ELA Retake Pre-ID Extract to exempt students scheduled in Geometry, Biology, Civics, and U.S. History in the 2019-2020 school year who had not taken the appropriate EOC exam as being flagged to pull.
  • Modified the Fall EOC and ELA Retake Pre-ID Extract to pull Algebra 1 students that had not already taken the test as the extract was assuming only retaker this Fall.
  • Added 'Adaptive Progress Monitoring (APM) Assessments' Pre-ID Extract.
  • Fixed an issue where students would not pull due to bad grade level data in administration field.

Process Assessments - Now counts FSA Geometry EOC as concordant score for Algebra 1 EOC requirements.

Referral Fields - Added Zero-Tolerance: Expulsions field to the action record log field for any district that is missing it.

Student Fields

  • Added new log field titled 'Pre-ID Extract Overrides' to be used by the new APM Pre-ID Extract and the future new and updated Pre-ID Extracts to force students to pull for specific years, tests, and Pre-ID terms.
  • Updated Test Accommodations log field to include APM Mathematics and APM Reading options.

Survey Accuracy Reports

  • Added a warning message if a district hasn't set up their survey dates for reports that require them.
  • Added cause and unaccompanied youth columns to homeless report.
  • Added X & Y as valid codes for therapy reports.
  • Added a new report to identify ESE records with a missing placement date.
  • Fixed issue where excluded school would pull for report: Sections Where School Inst. Differs From Section Location.

Survey - Production Discrepancies

  • Added the ability to compare withdrawal dates and codes for survey 5.
  • Fixed an issue where the withdrawal code could be different but the report would not display the difference.
  • Modified report for speed and ease of use.

User Fields - Added the option 'RP - Restricted Professional' to the 'Type' field on the Teacher Certifications Log field.

View Background Tables - Added EOY Bonus FTE Crosswalk Table.

WDIS Extract Field Defaults Report - Updated 'Dual Enrollment Student Type' wording.