Print FTE Detail

The Print FTE Detail screen allows users to download/print FTE details for a select subset of students defined in the Student Search module. The FTE Detail report displays in a student schedule format allowing the user to review the students' schedules in addition to FTE details, such as FTE earned. The FTE details that display on the schedules are selected by the user via the initial Print FTE Detail screen.

The Print FTE Detail report pulls from the schedule source data and is not an extracted initial or O file, like that of the FTE Summary Reports (Breakdown).

Printing FTE Details

1. From the Florida Reports menu, click Print FTE Detail.

2. If searching for specific students by name or student number, type the information directly into the Student text box.

Print FTE Detail

To generate data for all students, leave the Student text box empty.

3. For a more advanced search and the ability to define a specific subset of students, click the More Search Options button. In the example shown, Grade 09 has been selected; therefore, data will be pulled only for students in 9th grade.

4. Select the applicable Survey from the corresponding pull-down. Note: The pull-down will default to the current survey; therefore, this will only need to be changed when you would like to look ahead or at past surveys.

Print FTE Detail

Upon selecting a Survey, the Effective Date and Survey Window should update automatically with the correct information. However, if the dates here are incorrect, you have the option to manually enter any dates you like shown in the following steps. You also have the option to update the Survey Dates via Florida Reports > Florida Reports Setup via the Survey Dates tab.

5. The Effective Date should be completed with Date Certain. Here you can select the correct month, day, and year from the provided pull-downs, or click the calendar icon for a calendar view.

Print FTE Detail

6. The Survey Window should be completed with the 11-day attendance window. Here you can select the correct month, day, and year from the provided pull-downs, or click the calendar icon for a calendar view.

Print FTE Detail

7. You have the option to Display Capped FTE and/or Display Recalibrated FTE; select the corresponding check boxes to make this information display on FTE detailed schedules.

Print FTE Detail

8. Select whether to display All Students, Students with less than 1500 minutes, Students with less than 1890 minutes, or Students with more than 1890 minutes.

Print FTE Detail

The minutes listed here may differ if the school field for Total Scheduled Minutes is defined in the provided text box (Setup > School Info).

9. For students that may be enrolled in multiple schools, you have the option to Only list records with school of instruction number as the current school by selecting the corresponding check box.

Print FTE Detail

10. Select the desired Marking Period from the pull-down, such as Full Year or Semester 1.

Print FTE Detail

11. Select the Format radio button. Options include Course List or Weekly Planner.

Print FTE Detail

12. Select the Periods in the School Day to include on schedules. You also have the option to simply select the All Periods check box.

13. Select an option to sort the printed schedule sheets from the Sort Schedule Sheets pull-down.

Print FTE Detail

a. If a period teacher option is selected, the option Display this Teacher on Each Schedule Sheet is displayed. Select the check box to print the period teacher on each schedule sheet.

14. To print the schedules on district or school letterhead, select the Letterhead Template, which are set up by the district via Setup > Letterhead Templates.

15. Select Print Multiple Copies for Custodial Contacts at Separate Addresses, if needed.

16. If student groups have been set up (Students > Student Groups), you can select to print/pull FTE data for a specific group of students using the Student Group pull-down.

17. The information identified in the student search pulls data for students enrolled in the selected school, i.e. the school you are logged into via the school pull-down located in the header. If needed, to pull data for all schools, select the check box to Search All Schools.

Print FTE Detail

18. If needed, select the check box to Include Inactive Students.

a. Select the corresponding check boxes to Include Previous Years Inactive Students and/or Use Most Recent Enrollment, if desired.

19. When finished setting the Print FTE Detail options, click the Download Schedules button.

To clear all selections made and start over, click the Reset button.

A PDF preview of the schedules including selected FTE details is displayed, which can be saved to your computer or printed.

20. From this screen you have several options including, Rotate clockwise (circular arrow), Download as a PDF (down arrow), Print (printer icon), Fit to page (small inner arrows), Zoom in (plus sign), and Zoom out (minus sign).

21. When finished, click Return to Focus to return to the Print FTE Detail screen.