WDIS Data Verification Reports

The WDIS Data Verification Reports module is an integral tool in the state reporting process. Before submitting data to the state, use the Verification Reports to identify errors in data for correction, as well as to view good data that is ready to be sent out for surveying.

WDIS Data Verification Reports Navigation

The filters and data displayed on the WDIS Data Verification Reports can be customized by administration via Florida Reports > Florida Reports Setup.

1. From the Florida Reports menu, click WDIS Data Verification Reports.

WDIS Data Verification Reports

2. Select the Survey from the corresponding pull-down to pull the correct survey data. Note: The period will default to the current survey; therefore, this will only need to be changed when you would like to look ahead or at past surveys.

3. Select the Survey Window to pull data over a specific time frame. Here you can select the correct month, day, and year from the provided pull-downs, or click the calendar icon for a calendar view.

You have the option to manually enter any dates you like. You also have the option, as a district, to update Florida Reports Setup via the Survey Dates tab to set standard survey dates.

4. Data will only be pulled for the selected school, i.e. the school you are logged into via the school pull-down located in the header. If needed, to pull data for all schools, select the check box to search All Schools.

WDIS Data Verification Reports

5. Select the Show Rules with 0 Errors check box to display rules with no errors in addition to rules with errors in the reports.

WDIS Data Verification Reports

6. Select the report/tab from the panel.

WDIS Data Verification Reports

7. If report criteria is changed after the report has been generated, click Refresh Report to apply new filters, such as All Schools.

WDIS Data Verification Reports
Understanding the WDIS Data Verification Reports

The first thing you will notice on the screen is the errors scale or the Data Verification gauge. In the image shown, the gauge (black arrow) is in the green region indicating that the data is in good standing and practically completely error-free; it is 99% Error-Free as stated next to the gauge. If the gauge was in the yellow portion that would indicate around 50% of the data is error-free and around 50% of the data contain errors. The further the gauge gets to the red portion, the more errors have been found in your data.

As you scroll down the page, you will see more information about the data and the errors. Data will be broken up into sections all starting with a gray arrow. The first column of information displays error numbers and percentages.

  • If there are 0 errors, the font will be black, and the percentage of error-free data will be listed in parentheses as (100%) as shown in the image.
  • If data is 90% to 99% error-free, the font will be in blue.
  • If data is between 80% and 90% error-free, the font will be in yellow.
  • If data is less 80% error-free, the font will be in red.

The second column displayed next to the number of errors is a description of DOE rules and regulations. These descriptions will help explain what errors are being found in your data. As shown in the image, the first error explains that If 'Grade Level' is 09-12, then 'Resident Status, State/County' must be 0, A, B, 2, or 3. If 'Grade Level' is 30-31, 5, 6, 7. (Exception).

For a list of the errors to be addressed, click the number or errors.

WDIS Data Verification Reports

A list of students containing errors in their records is displayed. This particular error's report includes Student Full Name; Student Number Identifier, Local; Florida Education Identifier (FLEID); School Title; District Number, Current Instruction/Service; School Number, Current Instruction/Service; Course Number; Section Number; CTE/AGE Program Code; Date of Entry, Program/Course/Section; Date of Exit, Program/Course/Section; and Grade Level.

WDIS Data Verification Reports

a. To edit the data and correct the error, click the corresponding link, such as Student Full Name in the first column of the report. Another link in a number of the reports is Course Number.

WDIS Data Verification Reports

i. The link opens the applicable screen, such as Student Info, where the applicable tab will be open as well allowing you to edit bad/missing data.

Student Info

When the information in question has been changed, be sure to Save the data before closing the window/tab and returning to the WDIS Data Verification Reports.

b. To navigate back to the list of errors, click Go Back to Summary.

Additional Features

Utilize the Search text box at the top of the panel by typing the name of a tab to quickly navigate from one tab to another.

To close the panel, click the X. Doing so will allow for more room on the screen, which will be helpful when viewing error records. To make the panel reappear, click the arrow where the panel used to display.

Click Filters to organize the listed errors.

a. To add more than one filter to a column, click the green plus sign.

b. To delete an additional filter, click the red minus sign.

c. For additional filtering options, click the gray arrow for a filter pull-down.

Data here can be organized by clicking on any of the headers, such as Student Full Name or School Title; click once for ascending results; click twice for descending results. In the image shown, Student Full Name was clicked twice; therefore, the listed student names begins with Z.

To export data to an Excel spreadsheet, click on the Excel icon in the Export section.

To print data, click on the Printer icon in the Export section.