Bus Rosters

The Bus Rosters module serves as a way to produce a list and printout of Bus Drivers and their students for attendance purposes during the FTE window.

Bus Rosters

1. From the Florida Reports menu, click Bus Rosters.

Upon selecting Bus Rosters, the corresponding screen will display, as shown in the image below.

2. Select the applicable Survey from the pull-down.

3. Select a Bus Driver from the pull-down. Here you can select one or multiple drivers; you also have the option to select All Drivers at the top of the list to pull data for all drivers.

Bus Drivers must first be set up via Student Fields.

4. Select the Bus Route from the pull-down, if filtering by driver and route. You can select one or multiple routes, as well All Routes.


5. Select the Time of Day from the pull-down; here you can select AM, PM, or both.

6. Select the check box to Combine AM/PM on Same Page (Drive, Bus #, Bus Route) on the printed report. This allows you to cut down the number of pages generated in the report.

7. Select the Show Student Bus Stop (Sorts Bus Stop->Student Name) check box to display the bus stop on the report.

8. Select the Pages Split by School check box to separate the report by school number first with driver, route number,  and bus number following.

9. Enter the Number of Blank Lines you want generated in the report to output for write-ins.

10. Select the check box to Hide Student FLEID from the report.

11. Set the Report Timeframe to specify dates you would like to appear on the roster (the 11 day attendance window). Here you can select the applicable month, day, and year from the provided pull-downs, or click the calendar icon for a calendar view.

12. Click Print Report to generate the bus roster for previewing and printing.

Bus Rosters

In the print preview, click the printer icon to print or click the down arrow to download the report to your computer.

bus_rosters (3).pdf