Pre-ID Template Setup

The Pre-ID Template Setup screen allows the district to set up pre-ID templates to customize the pre-ID extract groups; setting up templates is optional, but is useful if schools in the district pull pre-ID extracts differently. Templates should be set up after setting the pre-ID options in Florida Reports > Florida Reports Setup and before running the pre-ID extracts in Florida Reports > Pre-ID Extracts. When Pre-ID templates are set up, these groupings will be used to pull the extracts.

Adding a Pre-ID Template

1. In the Florida Reports menu, click Pre-ID Template Setup.

Pre-ID Template Setup

2. Next to the plus sign, select the School/School Type.

A specific school can be selected or a school group, such as H - High for high schools.

3. Select the Grouping Type. The options are Grade Level, Homeroom Number, Homeroom Teacher, School ID, and School Period.

The School Period option is only available when a specific school is selected in the School/School Type pull-down.

4. When the School Period option is selected for the Grouping Type, select the specific period to group students by in the School Period pull-down.

5. When the School Period option is selected for the Grouping Type, select the Marking Period to pull student information from a specific marking period.

6. Click the plus sign when finished.

The template is added to the list. Another row is available to add another template.

7. To edit an existing template, click the field to edit and make the changes.

The changes are auto-saved.

8. To delete a template, click the minus sign next to the template.

The template is deleted without confirmation, so be sure you want to delete the selected template before clicking.

9. Click Download Pre-ID Templates to download a csv file of the templates to your computer.

Downloading the templates may be useful if the district wants to email the completed templates to the schools to review and verify.