WDIS Extract Field Defaults

The WDIS Extract Field Defaults module displays a list of fields in DOE format, which identifies the table name and field number from which the field is extracted. If set up, the field’s default value also displays; this is also dependent upon whether there is extract logic used when extracting the value of the field for reporting to DOE.

WDIS Extract Fields Defaults

1. From the Florida Reports menu, click WDIS Extract Field Defaults.

This navigates to the WDIS Extract Field Defaults screen. A list of the WDIS DOE survey formats display along with the applicable fields and extract information.

2. On the WDIS Extract Field Defaults screen, you will notice several extracts along the left. Click on any of the following extracts to review data for specific areas, such as Adult General Ed, Student Demographic, Supplemental Information, etc.

The WDIS Extract Default Fields report displays the Field Name, Table, Custom Field Number, Default, and Extract Logic.

The Table and Custom Field Number columns display the database fields pulled.

The Default column displays what is set on the Student Fields screen as the State Reporting Fallback Value.

The Extract Logic column displays the logic that will be used at the time of extract if the system finds blanks or if there is a state defined default.

Additional Features

Utilize the Search text box at the top of the panel by typing the name of a tab to quickly navigate from one tab to another.

To close the panel, click the X. Doing so will allow for more room on the screen, which will be helpful when viewing extract data. To make the panel reappear, click the arrow where the panel used to display.

To export the listed extract data to an Excel spreadsheet, click the floppy disk icon.

To filter the listed data, enter the information in the Search text box and press Enter.

Data here can be organized by clicking on any of the headers, such as Field Name or Table; click once for ascending results; click twice for descending results. In the image shown, Field Name was clicked twice; therefore, Field Name results start with W.