Survey 6

Student Demographic

Focus will report each KG-12 student identified as in membership on the survey date. DNEs are not sent. The only PK students submitted are ESE students and children of students in the Teenage Parent Program.

ESE PK students are identified by the ESE FEFP code assigned on the ESE tab (Students > Student Info > Demographic > ESE tab > ESE FEFP Code field).

PK children of students in the Teen Parent Program are identified on the DOP tab as a part of the Teenage Parent Program and have a reason of Child [G]

DOE states:

1. Do not send McKay (3518), Home Schooled (N998/998), or Migrant Identified (9997) / Not Enrolled.

2. District virtual programs, (schools 7001, 7023, 7006 and virtual charter schools) and Migrants enrolled in KG-12 ARE reported.

Survey 6 is sent from production; therefore, a survey instance is not needed.