Import Peer Data

The Import Peer Data screen allows users to test out the importation of PEER data before, during, and after scheduling the "Florida Peer Nightly import" scheduled job.

The PEER Integration process takes what is at the state level, imports that data into Focus background tables, and populates this data for the appropriate fields in a given student’s profile. This data is supplied to the district by being placed in your district’s PEER/OUT folder by FLDOE.

It is important to ensure that Focus is up to date on this information so that the district is providing the appropriate accommodations to their students in need of accommodations, as well as accurate data for state reporting.

Peer Integration Information

There are a total of 14 PEER related fields that are populated in Focus based on the PEER data supplied by FLDOE during this import process. 

  • Students should be currently active and not primarily enrolled at one of the following schools: 3518, 3900, 9997, ZZZZ, YYYY, WWWW, 9995, TRAN.
  • The import for the logging fields below will insert any new records, and if the log record in Focus is no longer present in the PEER file, that log record will be deleted.

Non-State Reportable Fields:

  • Touched during PEER Import but not used in State Reporting.
  • 10 fields total, 6 which are logging fields
FOCUS | PEER Integration Overview - Google Docs

State Reportable Fields:

  • Imported from PEER and used in FLDOE State Reporting survey periods.
  • 4 total fields 
  • The only other restriction on importing is for custom_878, custom_879, custom_863 to import; ‘Time, With Non-Disabled’ (custom_879) must NOT be blank.
FOCUS | PEER Integration Overview - Google Docs

Student Field Imports:

Students should be currently active and not primarily enrolled at one of the following schools: 3518, 3900, 9997, ZZZZ, YYYY, WWWW, 9995, TRAN. For a successful import including Time, With Non-Disabled, the last three fields from the list below must not be blank:

  • IEP/EP Plan Date (STUDENTS.CUSTOM_873)
  • IEP/EP Expiration Date (STUDENTS.CUSTOM_940)
  • Time, Total Student Week (STUDENTS.CUSTOM_878)
  • Time, With Non-Disabled (STUDENTS.CUSTOM_879)
  • IDEA Educational Environment (STUDENTS.CUSTOM_863)
Peer Integration Set Up

1. In the Setup menu, click Manage Integrations.

This integration sends reporting format data (Student Demographic Information,  Student Course Schedule, Teacher Course Schedule, Staff Demographic Information) to FLDOE, as this data is needed for them to create and process the PEER file that is provided back to the district in their PEER/OUT folder.

2. If this integration has not yet been installed you will need to click *Install, then click Install next to PEER.

Manage Integrations

3. Ensure that you go through the full process of setting up this integration as the upcoming steps depend on this integration.

See Manage Integrations for more information.

Import Peer Data

Running the job from this screen is virtually identical to running it from Setup > Scheduled Jobs.

1. From the Florida Reports menu, click Import Peer Data.

Import Peer Data

Focus requires the district’s DOE SSO SFTP credentials and must whitelist IP addresses with PEER to enable this process.

Click Show Logs, if there happens to be an issue, like missing the SFTP username and/or password; running the process from this screen will help identify the issue.

Files will not be available if they have not been requested through emailing PEER at [email protected] .

2. Select the Don't Fetch Files From SFTP check box so files from the SFTP are not pulled upon running the test which will speed up the process as it will run the import against the data that was last downloaded.

Leave the Don't Fetch Files From SFTP check box cleared (unselected) to download the latest files on the FTP site, load the peer tables, and update the student fields. If the files have already been retrieved from the PEER server they are locally stored on the Focus server and can be “reused.”

Import Peer Data

3. Click Import Data if the Don't Fetch Files From SFTP check box is selected. Click Download & Import Data if the check box is not selected.

Import Peer Data

Once tested, the screen displays the Table along with the Rows Imported and the Seconds Took. The standard fields are listed on the Florida Reports Setup screen > District Options tab.

Peer Integration Overview.pdf

The integration pulls the latest files from the SFTP site, if the Don't Fetch Files From SFTP check box isn't selected. Then, the data is imported into the background tables referenced in the screenshot. The job then imports the data into Focus.

Peer Integration Overview.pdf

There are 4 separate accommodation log fields, one for assessment and one for classroom for both 504 & ESE. They are located on the ESE tab by default. When the data is imported, the process does check that the same accommodation doesn't exist in the log field currently before importing.

Setting the "Florida Peer Nightly Import" Scheduled Job

1. In the Setup menu, click Scheduled Jobs.

2. Select Florida Peer Nightly Import from the provided pull-down.

Scheduled Jobs

3. Click Create Job.

4. Complete the applicable fields needed to create the scheduled job, and click Save.

Scheduled Jobs

The Execution History tab shows logs of when the scheduled job ran and whether it was successful or not.

FOCUS | PEER Integration Overview - Google Docs

See Scheduled Jobs for more information.