LearnFare Attendance

The LearnFare Attendance report lists enrolled students who fail the requirement of compulsory attendance. The report allows users to identify those students and download the information, send it to the district, or send it to the LearnFare program.

LearnFare Attendance

1. From the Florida Reports menu, click LearnFare Attendance.

This navigates to the LearnFare Attendance screen, as shown in the image below.

LearnFare Attendance

2. Select the Effective Date for the report. Here you can select the applicable month, day, and year from the provided pull-downs, or click the calendar icon for a calendar view.

LearnFare Attendance

3. Data will only be pulled for the selected school, i.e. the school you are logged into via the school pull-down located in the header. If needed, to pull data for all schools, select the check box to Search All Schools.

LearnFare Attendance

4. Click List Students to generate the report.

LearnFare Attendance

The students listed have exceeded the number of unexcused absences required to remain compliant with the LearnFare Program.

For each student, the table displays demographic information and any relevant district data: Student ID, date Sent To District, date Sent To LearnFare, Person Identification, Social Security Number, Student's Last Name, Student's Last Name Suffix, Student's Middle Initial, Students' Sex Code, Student's Date of Birth, Sanction Reason Code, Sanction Request Date, Student Address - Line 1, Student's Address - Line 2, Student's Address - City, Student's Address - State, Student's Address - Zip Code, County Number, School Name - Line 1, School Name - Line 2, School's Address - Line 2, School's Address - City, School's Address - State, School's Address - Zip Code, and Student Withdrawal Code.

5. To review student data, click the Student ID link to open the Student Info screen.

6. Select the Mass Match check boxes to select students for inclusion in the submittable district report. To select all students at once, select the Mass Match check box in the header.

7. Click Download File to save a copy of the report.

8. The list of selected students can be sent for district verification using the Submit to District button. Note: This is for school use only.

9. Similarly, with appropriate profile permissions, selected students can be reported directly to LearnFare by clicking the Submit via FTP button.

If your district is using Scheduled Jobs to send this data, the Submit via FTP button should not be clicked. It is recommended to disable the ability to submit via FTP using profile permissions.