Resource Browser

If another teacher has selected to share uploaded resources with other teachers while creating Web Pages, users can search for and share the same resource on their web pages using the Resource Browser.

Resource Browser

1. Click the Assessment menu, then click Resource Browser.

Resource Browser

2. From the Resource Browser screen, enter select search Criteria in order to generate a Report of shareable resources. An Uploader, Course, or School must be selected in order to conduct a search. All additional fields are optional.

Resource Browser

a. You can enter a Date Range (From Date and To Date) of when the resources were uploaded by teachers.

b. Select a specific Uploader from the pull-down. You can select as many users as needed.

c. Select a specific Course from the pull-down. You can select as many courses as needed.

d. Select a specific School from the pull-down. You can select as many schools as needed.

e. If you know the File Name, enter it in the provided text box.

f. If you need a specific file format, enter the File Type in the provided text box, such as link.

3. When all search Criteria has been entered, click Search.

Resource Browser

4. The Report displays the File Name, File Type, Course, Folder, School, Date/Time, and Uploader as it pertains to the resource uploaded.

Resource Browser

5. Click the File Name to open the resource in a new tab where you can then print, download, and save the resource, or copy the link's URL, etc.

Below is an example shown of the link shared for the Longest Words.

14 of the Longest Words in English | Grammarly Blog