Add Referral

The Add Referral screen is used to add a discipline referral for a student. After the referral is submitted, an administrator will review and process the referral, assigning disciplinary action as needed. If your school has the minor infractions functionality enabled, you can mark a referral as "Minor Infraction - No administrative action needed" if the issue was considered a minor infraction and administrative action is not needed.

Adding a Referral

1. In the menu, click Add Referral.

2. On the Search Screen, enter search criteria to locate the student and click Search.

For more information on how to conduct a student search, see Searching for Students.

3. In the list of search results, click the Student name.

The referral form for the selected student is displayed.

Add Referral

The district determines which fields on the referral form are required. The required fields are marked with an asterisk on the form, and are listed as errors in the Errors list on the right side of the screen if not completed. As required fields are completed, they are removed from the Errors list. Fields that do not pass the validation rules set on them are also included in the Errors list. Hovering over the field in the Errors list or the field on the form displays a tool-tip with information about why the field is in error. Clicking the field in the Errors list will bring you directly to that field on the form.

4. The Reporter defaults to your name as the one creating the referral.

5. Adjust the Incident Date, if needed.

Add Referral

6. If the issue is a minor infraction and no administrative action is needed, select Minor Infraction - No administrative action needed.

7. Select the Teacher Code.

The "Minor Infraction - No administrative action needed" and "Teacher Code" fields only display if the minor infractions feature is enabled for your school.

Depending on your school's setup, a referral may be automatically escalated to an administrator after the student receives a designated number of referrals with a specific Teacher Code.

Add Referral

8. Fill out any additional required fields.

Fields with a question mark icon have a description. Hover the mouse over the icon to view the description. Fields with a link icon have a link to a website. Click the icon to open the website in a new tab or window.


9. Once the form requirements are completed, click Save.

Add Referral

10. In the pop-up window, click Go To Referral to view the referral in the Referrals screen or Enter Another Referral to go back to the Add Referral screen.

Viewing Student Documentation

As you are completing the referral, you may refer to the information contained within the Student Documentation tab of the student's record. If the minor infractions functionality is enabled for your school, then a list of the student's minor infractions from the school year is also displayed in Student Documentation. The fields that display in Student Documentation may vary depending on your district's setup.

1. At the top of the referral, click the purple info icon.

Add Referral

2. After reviewing the information, click Close.

Add Referral