The Referrals screen is used to view submitted referrals. From this screen, teachers can view student documentation, print discipline letters, and print the referral.

Reviewing Submitted Referrals

1. In the menu, click Students. Then click Referrals.

Saved Reports

2. On the Search Screen, enter search criteria to locate an individual student or group of students and click Search.

For more information on how to conduct a student search, see Searching for Students.

A list of referrals matching the search criteria is displayed. Depending on the settings enabled by your school or district, you may only see referrals entered by yourself, or you may see referrals entered for your students by other staff. Scroll to the right to view the referral form fields.


To customize the columns that display in the referrals list, click Toggle Columns. In the pop-up window, deselect a column to remove it from the referrals list, and then close the pop-up window.

5. Select Show Referrals From All Schools to display referrals for your students that have been given by another school.

6. Select Include Inactive to include inactive students in the list of referrals.

7. Select All Years to display referrals from all school years.

The "Show Referrals From All Schools," "Include Inactive," and "All Years" options only display if your profile has the permissions to use these options.  

8. Select Minor Infractions to view referrals that were marked with "Minor Infraction - No administrative action needed."

The minor infractions functionality must be enabled by your school or district in order to use the Minor Infractions option.

9. The Closed Referrals check box is selected by default, and when selected includes referrals that were closed by an administrator without processing. Deselect the check box to exclude closed referrals.

The "Closed Referrals" check box may not be included on this screen, depending on your school's system preferences.


10. Click the Student link to open the referral.


11. Once the referral is opened, you can review the referral information, including any additional information or actions added by an administrator to the referral. For minor infractions you have submitted, you can edit the Minor Infraction - No administrative action needed check box and the Teacher Code (as needed). If a referral has been processed by an administrator, you cannot mark the referral as a minor infraction, nor can you make any edits to the referral.

If an administrator has sent a referral back to you for correction, you will receive a Portal alert indicating a referral has been returned with comments.


The administrator's comment will display at the top of the referral. Edit the referral as needed and click Save to resubmit the referral.

If an administrator has closed a referral without processing, and the school or district has enabled alerts to teachers for closed referrals, you will receive a Portal alert indicating the referral has been closed.

The administrator's comment will display at the top of the referral.


Fields with a question mark icon have a description. Hover the mouse over the icon to view the description. Fields with a link icon have a link to a website. Click the icon to open the website in a new tab or window.

Viewing Student Documentation

The referral includes a link to the Student Documentation tab of the student's record. If the minor infractions functionality is enabled for your school, then a list of the student's minor infractions from the school year is also displayed.

1. At the top of the referral, click the purple info icon.

2. After reviewing the information, click Close.

3. To add student documentation, in the menu, click Students. Then click Demographics. Click the Student Documentation tab to review any previously added documentation and/or add new documentation.

Student Info
Printing Discipline Letters

Teachers may be able to print discipline letters set up by your school or district when viewing a referral. Only teachers with the profile permission to print letters will have access to this functionality.

1. At the top of the referral, select a letter from the Print a Form/Letter pull-down.

2. A PDF preview of the letter will generate and can be saved to your computer or printed. Click Done to go back to the referral.

Printing a Referral

The referral screen can be printed, if needed.

1. At the top of the referral, click the blue print icon.

2. Follow your printer's prompts to print the referral.