Configure Positive Behaviors

The Configure Behaviors screen allows teachers to set up badges to award to students for good behavior.

Focus by default uses the terms "badge" and "badges" for the items that are awarded to students for good behavior, but your district may have customized the terms used. Please note that different terms may be used on your district's Focus site.

Adding a New Badge

The badges teachers create must be associated with an administrator-created Badge Type.

1. In the menu, click Positive Behaviors.

Configure Positive Behaviors

The Reward Positive Behavior screen is displayed.

2. Click Configure at the top-right corner of the screen.

Reward Positive Behavior

The Configure Positive Behaviors screen is now displayed.

Configure Positive Behaviors

2. In the blank row at the top of the table, enter the Badge Title.

3. Select the Badge Type to associate with the badge.

Software Update

The default icon for the badge type is displayed in the Icon column. You can use the default icon, or select/upload a new icon.

Software Update

4. To select or upload a new icon for the badge, click Select.

Software Update

5. Select from the Recommended Icons, or to upload your own icon, click Choose a file and select the file from your computer.

Any icons you have previously uploaded will be available in My Icons.

Software Update

The new icon is displayed in the Icon column.


6. Press Enter to add the row.

7. Click Save.

Software Update
Editing a Badge

When a badge title or icon is edited, any badges that have already been awarded will be updated with the new title or icon.

1. To edit the title of an existing badge, click the Badge Title field and make the change.

2. To edit the icon of an existing badge, click Select and choose a new icon.

3. Click Save.

Banners and Alerts
Deleting a Badge

Badges are available to award until they are deleted. Teacher-created badges are available until the teacher deletes the badge, or the associated badge type is deleted by the administrator. Deleted badges that have been earned still display the title and amount in the student's earned totals and History detail in Positive Behaviors.

1. Click the red minus sign next to the badge/badge title to delete.


2. In the confirmation message, click OK.


The row is grayed out to indicate it will be deleted.

3. Click Save to complete deletion.