View Lessons

The View Lessons screen displays a comprehensive view of the teacher’s course plans. Teachers can view all of the content included in the course plans, including unit and lesson resources. This view is similar to how parents and students view their assigned course plans through the Parent/Student Portal.

Viewing Lessons

1. Each of the teacher’s course plans are displayed along the left side of the screen. Course plans are displayed in dark blue, while course web page and units are displayed in white.

2. Click the minus sign next to a course plan to collapse it. Click the plus sign to expand it for viewing.

3. Click a course web page to display the web page content on the screen. The selected web page will turn purple in the Course Plans list.

4. Click a unit to display the unit content on the screen. This will include any unit components or resources. In the Course Plans list, the selected unit will turn purple, and the unit’s lessons will be displayed beneath the unit in the Course Plans list.

5. Click a lesson to display the lesson content, including lesson components and resources. The selected lesson will turn purple in the Course Plans list.

6. Click a component on the unit or lesson to view the component information. Click the component again to collapse it.

7. Unit and lesson resources can be accessed directly from this screen. For example, teachers can view embedded videos, download attached files, and open and post to discussion forums.