Next-Year Schedule Requests

If your school allows teachers to enter course requests for their students for the subject area that they teach, these course requests are entered on the Next-Year Schedule Requests screen.

Entering Course Requests for Students

1. In the menu, click Students. Then click Next Year Schedule Requests.

Take Attendance

The students for the section selected at the top-right of the screen are listed.

Next-Year Schedule Requests

2. Next to each student in the list, select the Course to request for the student. You may only select from courses within the subject area that you teach.

Your school may limit the number of course requests you can enter for each student. An error message will display if you try to save and you have exceeded the number of requests you can make for a student.

If a course request has already been entered for the student in that subject area, the course request will already be selected in the pull-down.

3. When finished, click Save.