State Performance Report

The State Performance Report allows teachers to analyze student performance on state and local standardized tests for students in their sections. The report provides longitudinal data for the selected test, subject, and part, allowing school and district staff to identify trends and patterns in student performance. This report may assist staff in making educational decisions and long term plans for districts and schools.

Generating the State Performance Report

1. In the Performance Reports menu, click State Performance Report.

State Performance Report

2. Select the Test, Subject, Part, and Years to include on the report.

3. Next to each score type, select Score to view those scores on the report. Select Growth to view growth from one year to the next on the report.

4. Select the Additional Info to include on the report.

Selecting a period in the Select Period pull-down displays the name of the student's teacher  during that period.

5. At the bottom of the screen, enter search criteria to locate a particular group of students and click Search. To return all students in the section currently selected at the top-right of the screen who qualify for the report, do not enter any search criteria and click Search.

The report is displayed at the bottom of the screen, including the students who met the search criteria, test data from the three year span, and any additional options that were selected.

At the very bottom of the screen, the section average for each score type is displayed.

The Achievement Levels on the report are color-coded. A legend is provided at the top-right corner of the screen.


6. Hover the mouse over Near Cutoff in the legend to view a chart of the score ranges for each achievement level by grade.


7. To export the report to Excel, click the Export icon, and follow your computer's prompts to open or save the file.

8. To generate a PDF of the report for printing, click the Print icon, and follow your computer's prompts to print or save the PDF.