Test History Report

The Test History Report tracks the name, date of administration, school year, grade level, and scores earned on every test logged in Focus. The Test History Report allows groups of students to be compared, based upon their performances on a test.

The Test History Report

1. Click the Reports menu, then click the Performance Reports menu.


a. In the Performance Reports menu, click Test History Report.


2. Select a Test from the provided pull-down.

You can change the selected Test at any point while on the Test History Report screen.

3. Once a test is selected, the Student Search module displays. Before conducting a search, you have the option originally shown on the previous Test History Report screen to select Test Not Taken to narrow the results down to students have not taken the selected test--as opposed to searching for students who have already taken the selected test. To generate search results based on students who haven't taken the test, select the Test Not Taken check box.

You can select or clear the selection of the Test Not Taken check box at any time while on the Test History Report screen.

The test Not Taken check box is also available via More Search Options in the Test History section to display students who have not taken the selected test.

4. If searching for specific students by name or student number, type the information in the Student text box.

To pull data for all students who did or did not take the selected test, leave the Student text box empty.

5. Enter and set all searching criteria including student groups, including inactive students, etc., and click Search.

Test History Report

For more information about conducting a student search, see Searching for Students.

6. Upon conducting your search, the appropriate students are listed. To sort student results based on specific test parameters, such as Show Most Recent Administrations, select the appropriate filter from the Options pull-down.

Test History Report

You can change the selected Options at any point while on the Test History Report screen.

7. There are several options pertaining to how score types are displayed. Select the check boxes for Scale Score (Expanded Standard Score), National Percentile, and/or Raw Score in the Display Score Types section.

Test History Report

Scale Score (Expanded Standard Score): The scale ranges from approximately 100 at Kindergarten to approximately 800 at 12th grade. The standard score scale is a basic index of growth when it is possible to compare the current standard scores with those obtained in one or more earlier testing programs.

The Score Types that appear are based on what is set up by the district.

National Percentile: The percentile-rank scale ranges from 1 to 99 and compares the performance of an individual student with other students at the same grade level.

Raw Score: This is simply the number of test items that were correctly answered by the student.

You can select different score types to display at any point while on the Test History Report screen.

The Test History Report displays the student Photo (if applicable), Student name, Student ID, Grade, Admin Date, School Year, Admin Gradelevel, and School Administered. The additional columns displayed are dependent on the Test selected as different parts contain different parts.

8. For detailed information pertaining to a specific student's Test History, click the name in the Student column. For information on Test History, see Test History. The Test History screen can also be accessed via Students > Test History.

a. Once a student is selected, Focus will navigate to the Test History screen. To return to the Test History Report, click Back to Search Results located in the header.

Test History

Clicking the white X next to the student's name in the header will navigate to a new Student Search in the Test History module. However, you can still click Back to Search Results to return to the Test History Report results, as long as another search has not been conducted.

Test History
Additional Features

Click the floppy disk icon to export the information to an Excel spreadsheet.

You can sort data by clicking on any of the headers. Click once for ascending results; click twice for descending results.

If looking for specific information housed within the resulting students, type the information in the Search text box provided and press Enter.

Test History Report

To make the list full screen, click on the expansion icon (four arrows) next to the Search text box. Once in full screen mode, click the icon again to exit full screen.

Test History Report

Use the Filter text box located at the top of each pull-down for a quick search. Begin typing the name or number of the desired field in the text box.

Test History Report