The Stipends screen looks to the user's assigned jobs to  display options based on that information for billable hours that fall outside the scope of their typical job role.


1. Click the Employee Self Service menu, then click Stipends.


2. If the district created Job Assignments via ERP > Payroll > Stipend Setup, employees can create new Stipends based on an approved Job Assignment. To create a new stipend, use the blank top row and begin making selection from the pull-downs starting with Employee, which defaults to your name.

3. Enter the Date of the job.

4. Select the Job Assignment from the pull-down.

5. Enter the Location and the Time In.

Based on Time In/Time Out and Hours entered, the Amount calculates automatically.

6. Enter Miles if applicable, which will automatically calculate the Mileage.

7. When all information has been entered and/or selected, press Enter to commit the line of data. When saved the line will turn blue.

8. Once committed, a Cancel and Show button will appear. Click the Cancel button to cancel the stipend request. Click the Show button to add Files and Comments.