Progression Plan

Teachers can view a student's progression plan to determine if the student is on track to meet plan requirements.

The student's progression plan must first be assigned by administrators via the Enrollment tab in Student Info.

Viewing a Student's Progression Plan

1. In the Students menu, click Progression Plan.

Progression Plan

2. In the Search Screen, enter search criteria to locate the student and click Search.

Progression Plan

3. In the search results, click the appropriate student.

Progression Plan

The student's progression plan is displayed. At the top-left corner of the screen, the student's assigned progression plan is listed. The Status indicates the percentage of requirements completed.

4. Hover the mouse over the Status to view details of the student's progress.

The requirement names, number of credits across all grade levels, and requirement met status is displayed along the left side of the screen. The Requirement Met column displays the grade level for the requirement and a symbol to indicate if the requirement has been completed, is in progress, is planned, or has not been met.

The right side of the report contains a Planned Required and Earned/Scheduled Credit(s) column for each grade level. Planned requests can be entered for each requirement by the counselor/administrator or the student. If default courses were pushed to planned requests on the Progression Plan setup screen, they will display in the Planned Requests column.

The Earned/Scheduled Credit(s) columns indicate whether the student has earned credits for the requirement or the student is scheduled into a course that will fulfill the requirement when the course is completed and passed.

The bottom of the screen has a legend that explains the symbols used for Requirement Met and Earned/Scheduled Credit(s).

There is also an area where the student, counselor, and parent can sign to acknowledge their agreement with the plan.

Progression Plan

5. At the top of the screen, select a different progression plan from the pull-down if you would like to view the student's progress if he or she were to switch to a different progression plan.

6. Click Submit to view the plan.

This does not assign the plan to the student, but is only for informational purposes.