Post Standard Grades

Teachers can use the Post Standard Grades feature to post all necessary grades for students per marking period, such as Quarter 1, Progress Report 1, etc.

Posting Standard Grades

1. From the Grades menu, select Post Standard Grades.

2. Select the correct marking period by clicking the corresponding tab.

3. Directly below the marking periods will be descriptive information regarding the posting window. In this case, the posting window is currently open and will be available until October 18th at 9:00 AM. Note: If the posting window

4. For additional options regarding standard grades and marking periods, click the Switch to Detail View link.

5. Upon clicking the Switch to Detail View link, additional options will display, such as Display Standards Info and Display Other Marking Periods.


6. To display additional details regarding students and students' grades, select the check boxes listed in the Display Standards Info section, such as Subject Area, Grade Level, Strand, Cluster, Standard Title, Short Name, or Description.

7. To display additional grades from other marking periods, select the check boxes listed in the Display Other Marking Periods section, such as Full Year, Semester 1, Semester 2, Summer Combined [S], Summer 1 Session [4], etc.

8. If posting standard grades via the detailed view, to view additional information and grades for a specific student, click the gray arrow next to the student's name.

If the district has enabled the system preference Add Letters and Sounds to Standards posting. The district can select applicable courses where the Letters and Sounds Knowledge table should display when you and other teachers post standard grades. The table displays options for Identifies letter, Knows letter sound, and Writes letter for sound given for each letter of the alphabet, as shown in the image below.

9. If the district has enabled the Letters and Sounds Knowledge table, as explained above, click the gray arrow next to a student to display the table and record skill levels.

Select the applicable check box for each letter depending on the student's skill level.

10. To revert back to the simple view, click the Switch to Simple View link.

11. If you need to post standard grades for inactive students, select the Include Inactive Students check box.

12. Upon posting grades, you can simply click Use Gradebook Grades to pull grades directly from your gradebook instead of posting each individual grade. Note: Grades can be altered as needed after they have been inserted from the gradebook.

Upon clicking the Use Gradebook Grades link, a pop-up will display asking: Are you sure you want to use your gradebook grades to calculate final grades for Quarter [4]? Click OK to continue. If you do not want to proceed, click Cancel.

13. For a legend of letter grades and comment codes, click the Letter Grades & Comment Codes link.

14. Before you begin entering grades, you can enter grades for multiple students all at once by clicking the Mass Update button.

To mass update a column of grades, select the standard column from the pull-down. Enter the grade in the provided text box. Once all information was selected and entered, click Run Mass Update.

15. To enter each standard grade individually, click the appropriate text box and enter the grade.

Hover over the standard title to view the standard description.

16. When all grades have been entered, click the Save button.

Additional Features

1. Above the listed students you will see a floppy disk icon, which allows you to export the listed data to an Excel spreadsheet.

2. You can also sort data by clicking on any of the headers. Click once for ascending results; click twice for descending results. In the image shown, results have been sorted by clicking on Student twice; therefore, the listed students start with W.

3. To make the list full screen, click on the expansion icon (four arrows) next to the Search text box. Once in full screen mode, click the icon again to exit full screen.

4. If looking for specific information housed within the resulting students, type the information in the Search text box provided and press Enter.